11-year-old girl with autism was raped by her own stepfather: We must protect our children!

11-year-old girl with autism was raped by her own stepfather: We must protect our children!

An 11-year-old girl was taken to a hospital, unconscious and bleeding. When she woke up, it was discovered that the autistic girl was raped by her stepfather.

A taxi driver never expected to be rushing an unconscious and bleeding young girl to hospital recently. It was found out later that the girl — who is autistic — was raped by her stepfather.

How did this happen, and why did her stepfather do it?

The Autistic Girl Was Raped by Her Own Stepfather

The terrible crime in Thailand was discovered after the girl regained consciousness and told authorities that her stepfather had abused her. Doctors also discovered bleeding that corroborated the fact that the autistic girl was raped.

Thankfully the girl is currently in stable condition, but she is being monitored at Krathum Ban Hospital’s intensive care unit.

According to the child’s grandmother, she had allowed the stepfather to pick up her granddaughter from school. The stepfather said that the child’s mother was sick, so he will be picking her up. However, both of them disappeared soon after.

The taxi driver was also taken in for questioning. He later recounted that a 40-year-old man on a motorcycle told him to take the girl to the hospital. The man added that he found her unconscious on the roadside, and that in her pants pocket was a number to contact her relatives.

He then told the taxi driver that he was going to file a police complaint, but he never came back.

Police found a cellphone inside the taxi that they believe might belong to the suspect. Authorities are now on the hunt for the girl’s stepfather.

Protecting Your Children from Abuse

autistic girl was raped

Parents should always keep their children’s safety in mind.

These days, it’s not uncommon to hear various stories of rape, physical abuse, and violence towards children. And for a lot of moms and dads, simply hearing about these types of news is enough to make them become overprotective of their children, and rightfully so.

It’s important for parents to know what they can do to protect their kids from these dangers.

Here Are Some Important Tips:

  • Teach your child to say no. Kids should be taught at an early age to speak out if they feel uncomfortable about a certain situation. Make sure your child knows how to say no, especially if they feel unsafe with a person.
  • Don’t force them to do anything they don’t want to. Children should be in control of their own bodies. Forcing your kids to kiss a relative or hug someone even if they don’t want to can create the notion that it’s okay for other people to force them to do things. If your child does not want to hug or kiss an adult, let them be.
  • Make sure your kids know what to do if someone tries to abduct them. Teach your child to shout and grab people’s attention if someone tries to take them against their will.
  • Teach your kids to keep themselves safe. It’s always a good idea to raise your child to become street smart at a young age. They need to learn which types of places to avoid, how to keep themselves safe on the streets, and where they could ask for help should something happen.
  • Educate your children about sex. It’s important for families to be able to openly talk about sex without being embarrassed or ashamed. However, make sure to keep things age-appropriate and at a level that your child will understand. This will help your kids be more aware of sexual abuse.


Source: AsiaOne

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