5 tips for controlling road rage for parents in Metro Manila

5 tips for controlling road rage for parents in Metro Manila

Keeping your cool in the Metro despite the horrible traffic is possible. Here are some tips!

The horrible traffic in Manila is just something we have learned to live with. But even the infinitely patient can lose their temper when faced with the nightmare that is Metro Manila traffic jams. Road rage in Manila happens all too often. Viral videos attest to this. From rude behavior to even cold-blooded homicide, it’s frightening to think what horrible things can happen in a fit of rage.

When faced with hostile drivers, keeping your cool can also mean keeping your family safe on the road. So it’s important to manage your road rage at all timesm mums and dads. On the streets of Manila, as in life, losing your temper rarely does any good.

Tips for avoiding road rage in Manila

1. Accept that you can’t change others

Yes, you’ve accepted that there’s nothing you (or Waze) can do to escape the traffic jam. But you should also accept that you can’t change other motorists as well. 

Not only do they view the world differently, they have different views of road etiquette. When it comes to road rage in Manila, remember that not everyone is as safe and considerate as you are, warns educator Beverly Flaxington, especially in the midst of a traffic jam. So always be on the safe side and don’t allow yourself to get upset so easily.

2. Take a step back

If you feel like you’re losing your cool, remember that it’s not all about you. To avoid emotional outbursts, stop yourself from judging others. If a motorist violates traffic rules, don’t let their poor manners affect your own. 

When you feel your anger building, reflect before reacting. Shouting expletives in the car is one thing (if you’re not with the kids, of course), but cursing other drivers is another story. You’re only human and you need to let off steam, but practice restraint as much as possible.

road rage in manila

When it comes to road rage in Manila, pausing to reflect instead of reacting on a whim is key! | image source: dreamstime

3. Stay productive 

Play car games with the kids, like “I Spy With My Little Eye” or sing songs when stuck in traffic. Sometimes it’s simply boredom that triggers frustration. For others, it’s the feeling of being stuck and doing nothing that irks them. Use the time to bond with your family by asking about their day. Make stopovers, if possible, to spend quality time as you wait out rush hour.

4. Confront with respect

If you do find yourself in a confrontation, never be rude or petty. Be mature and take the high road. Your mood should not dictate your manners, as they say. Confronting a problematic motorist with respect also shows your kids how to resolve conflict in a peaceful, productive way.

5. Never provoke a hostile driver

Don’t try to match another driver’s hostility, no matter how tempting it might be. Defuse their anger by speaking in a low, calm voice. Acknowledge their feelings and apologize when necessary. There will be times when you have to swallow your pride and admit when you are wrong. Your kids would benefit from how you respond to upsetting situations with humility.

6. Have an objective mediator

If you feel like you aren’t getting anywhere when confronting another motorist, call proper authorities to mediate. This way, you can ensure your safety as well. Don’t lash out when you feel like you can’t get through to a person. The best way to resolve conflict when tempers are running high is to bring in someone with a neutral stance who will defuse things before they get out of hand.

Hopefully our kids will grow up in a generation when horrible traffic is just a distant memory. But for now, the best you can do as parents is to model good behavior even when faced with the most stressful road situations. 


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