Robin Padilla hopes to get a U.S. Visa to be there for Mariel when she gives birth

Robin Padilla hopes to get a U.S. Visa to be there for Mariel when she gives birth

Mariel Padilla is currently in Delaware waiting to give birth to her first daughter. Robin hopes to be granted a U.S. Visa to be there for the birth

Mariel Padilla is set to give birth in November in the United States and though that's only a month away, her husband Robin Padilla is still hoping to be granted a U.S. Visa in order to be there for the birth of their child.

thank you for insisting we go on a date one more time... before we see eachother again ❤️

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In an interview on Tonight with Boy Abunda, Robin shared that he believes he has a good chance of being approved for visa by the U.S. embassy.

"Mabuting tao naman ako sa palagay ko at hindi naman ako gagawa ng gulo doon. Kailangan ko lang suportahan ang aking asawa," he said.

ABS-CBN news reports that due to his past conviction for possession of illegal firearms, for which he served a two-year prison sentence, the 46-year-old actor has encountered difficulty in obtaining travel permits and visas.

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Mariel flew to Delaware, U.S.A. in September. According to ABS-CBN news, the decision to have the birth abroad stems from wanting to make sure that Mariel had all the advanced technology and care possible due to her delicate pregnancy.

The couple have gone through two tragic miscarriages since they tied the knot in 2010.

our long distance relationship ???????? atleast we are sleeping next to eachother... @robinhoodpadilla we miss you!!!!

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She recently shared a photo of her first ultrasound. "Was so happy to see my baby girl" wrote the expectant mom.

"It was a biophysical ultrasound where in Isabella was supposed to do a series of movements within 30minutes. my angel did all and more under 10minutes... momma was so proud!!!"

Mariel is currently in Delaware living with friends as she waits to give birth.

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