Rowden and Liezel: Terminally-ill cancer patient weds girlfriend

Rowden and Liezel: Terminally-ill cancer patient weds girlfriend

Love knows no reason, no boundaries, no distance. In this touching video, a terminally ill man fulfills his dying wish by marrying the love of his life.

The wedding video of Rowden and Liezel Go is not only sweet and heart-warming, but it gets your tear ducts flowing as the couple exchange vows. But as fate would have it, Rowden Go passed away a mere 10 hours later after tying the knot.

Rowden and Liezel had just celebrated their engagement when he was diagnosed with stage IV liver cancer, an aggressive cancer  that doles out a low survivor rate. According to a YouTube post by Rowden's brother, Hasset, Rowden's last request was to marry his "one true love" Liezel.

Rowden Go

In a span of 12 hours, Rowden's family and friends managed to give him the wedding of his dreams. On June 11, 2014, Rowden and Liezel exchanged vows while he lay on his hospital bed.

Rowden passed away less than 10 hours later and is survived by his wife Leizel May, daughter Zakiah Rowzel, mother Lorelei, and brothers Hasset and Hisham.


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