Sarah Lahbati has given birth to a baby boy!

Sarah Lahbati has given birth to a baby boy!

Actress Sarah Lahbati recently took to Instagram and posted a photo of her cradling the new addition to their family! Read on to learn more!

Sarah Lahbati has just given birth to her and fiance Richard Gutierrez's second child. And it's another baby boy!

Sarah Lahbati shares that Zion wants to have a brother or sister

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Sarah Lahbati took to Instagram and shared a photo of her and fiance, Richard Gutierrez, holding their newborn baby.

The post was captioned "Kai. March 21, 2018. ❤️," so it's possible that Kai is the name of the new addition to the Sarah and Richard's family.

In a previous interview, Sarah shared that their son Zion was already excited to become a kuya, or big brother.

She shares, "Tamang-tama lang ang panahon na nabuntis ako because Zion is already four, and actually araw-araw na niya akong kinukulit na, 'Mama, I want a brother! I want a sister!'"

Are Sarah and Richard going to get married soon?

The couple's first son, Zion, was born back in 2013. He will be turning five this year, and is such a precocious and talented kid!

The big question however, is that now that Sarah has given birth, does this mean that they will soon be planning their marriage?

When asked if they're ready to get married, Sarah previously shared that they're first trying to focus on her pregnancy. She shares, "I'm not planning my wedding because I'm pregnant. So after this pregnancy, that's when I'm going to move on to the next chapter. I can't handle both. I can't plan this baby and plan a wedding. It's too much for me. People have to wait and respect my choice."

We're not really sure when the couple will get hitched, but we're totally excited about seeing Sarah walking down the aisle along with her sons!


Source: ABS-CBN News

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