Reshaping your child’s future starts with focusing on the little things

Reshaping your child’s future starts with focusing on the little things

To make a lasting impact on your child’s growth and development, begin with these three simple things.

As a parent, your child’s future is in your hands. While you try your best to raise a well-rounded and focused child, there is no denying that your child is growing up in a world filled with distractions.

Gone are the days when kids constantly played outside. Before, kids interacted with their playmates, but now, they spend more time sitting in front of a screen, be it the television or tablet. This doesn’t have to be their day-to-day reality.

Yes, technology offers many benefits. It helps kids learn and grow to be more tech-savvy, which is an essential skill to get ahead in this fast-paced digital generation. However, parents should not overlook the power of the little things when it comes to reshaping their child’s future for the better.

How Parentology+, powered by NANKID, Is Helping Parents to Reshape a Generation of Kids

well-rounded kids

“Parentology+ is really a good advocacy because we know the struggle is real for parents today,” says Arlene Tan Bantoto, Nestlé Philippines’ Country Business manager, who is also a mom of two kids, ages 21 and 11.

Since her kids are far apart in age, she has experienced raising kids both with and without the prevalence of gadgets.

“We’re not saying gadgets are bad because many schools now use gadgets for learning. There are many things kids can learn, but we want play that involves the five senses, involves social skills, and even sports,” she explains. Arlene adds how simply going outdoors and staying active are often overlooked, but are important facets of health and nutrition.

“We want to bring back the power to the parents,” she says, emphasizing how moms and dads can fight against problems like unhealthy living, obesity, and short attention span.  “We want to partner with parents to help teach them.”

NANKID OPTIPRO Four Reshapes Summer Through Fun Activities for Socialization, Physical Wellness, and Nutrition

To help further their advocacy, Nestlé Philippines has enlisted the help of inspiring ambassadors whose values are in line with their goals. To kick off the latest leg of Parentology+, they threw a fun summer pool party last May 4 (Friday) at Alta Guia, Taguig. In attendance were NANKID ambassadors Cat Arambulo-Antonio, Anton del Rosario, Gian and Joy Sotto, Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi, Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez, and Stephanie Kienle-Gonzalez.

well-rounded kids

During the fun-filled event, kids and parents explored three different stations, each focusing on an integral skill that helps kids’ growth and development:

Station 1: Socialization

The first station, headed by one of the pioneer ambassadors, Cat Arambulo-Antonio, focused on socialization.

Kids had fun playing giant jenga, which tested their abilities of coordination and collaboration with their peers.

Speaking to one of the ambassadors Cat Arambulo-Antonio moments after she wrapped up the first activity, we truly saw how passionate she felt about teaching kids to socialize more.

“Socialization is very important in this day and age, especially when gadgets and social media is very much prevalent in our society. Kids need to learn from their peers, to play, to have physical contact with another human being,” she emphasizes, noting how kids learn values such as empathy through socialization.

well-rounded kids

Station 2: Physical Wellness

The next activity focused on physical wellness. This was led by NANKID Ambassador athlete Anton del Rosario with seven-year-old son Myles. Kids splashed around the pool area, played volleyball with an inflatable ball, and rode around in fun-shaped floaties.

Station 3: Nutrition

The last activity focused on nutrition, where Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi taught kids how to prepare simple, healthy snacks and smoothies— while wearing adorable little chef’s hats!

well-rounded kids

Final Activity: ‘Well-Rounded’ Kid Scarlet Snow Belo Is Launched Newest NANKID Ambassador

One of the most anticipated activities was the launch of the newest addition to the NANKID OPTIPRO Four family, Scarlet Snow Belo! Of course, mum Vicki Belo and dad Hayden Kho were there to support their adorable little one.

well-rounded kids

“Our ambassadors symbolize what NANKID is all about,” explains Tan-Bantoto, as the kids and parents in attendance enjoy the different stations that focus on promoting socialization, physical activity, and nutrition. “All our ambassadors really stand for something that is very close to our values.”

On why they have chosen Scarlet Snow Belo as their latest ambassador, Tan Bantoto says that it’s because she’s both loveable and inspiring.

“You can see that despite Scarlet Snow’s fame, she lives a very good life. She’s really not spoiled,” she continues, explaining how Scarlet respects her elders, is curious about the world around her and is eager to interact with her peers. “She’s healthy. She eats vegetables. She’s a kid we all love.”

well-rounded kids

Dad Hayden looked on with pride as Scarlet charmed the guests and made new friends. During a brief chat with the hands-on dad, he gushed over how daughter Scarlet was truly a “well-rounded” kid.

“I think NANKID appreciates that we parents are taking the job of parenting, and reshaping their future seriously,” he tells theAsianparent.

Throughout the fun-filled event, parents and kids had fun interacting and learning from one another.

After all the day’s activities were done, Scarlet Snow charmingly asked dad Hayden if she could stay in the pool a bit longer, but it was time to say goodbye. So the sweet toddler reluctantly waved as her dad carried her in his arms. At that moment, we could see just how much the celebrity toddler is growing up to be a truly well-adjusted kid.

It was refreshing to see that her parents make sure her fame doesn’t keep her from relishing the simple joys of childhood.

Parents Have the Power to Make Lasting Changes in Their Kid’s Life Today

well-rounded kids

What’s next for Parentology+? After their launch early this year, and the successful events that followed, Nestlé Philippines has been planning more exciting activities that will help them reach more moms and dads. Through learning-filled events, they want parents to truly believe that they have every tool they need to make this happen.

Moms and dads, Parentology+ is not rocket science — its power lies in its simplicity. Remember: Socialization strengthens a child’s sense of self; it makes them more giving. In the same way, staying physically active and engaging in sports help them relate to their peers. Finally, cultivating a healthy lifestyle in kids helps them grow and develop into adults who truly love themselves.

Focus on the simple things. Let kids play outside and interact with other children in the neighborhood. Cultivate healthy habits as early as now. Educate your child and nurture their gifts and skills in ways that bring out the best in them. At the end of the day, what matters most is that you start simple and you choose to begin re-shaping their future today.

*NANKID OPTIPRO Four is not meant to be a breastmilk substitute. It is suitable for kids above the age of 3 years old.

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