WATCH: Scarlet Snow Belo praying will truly brighten your day!

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The adorably smart little angel inspires us to have a "childlike faith" during the darkest of times. Be blessed by her nightly prayer, here!

The adorable Scarlet Snow is spreading good vibes again! Based on a heartwarming video posted on her instagram account, the daughter of celebrity doctors Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho has gotten into the habit of praying.

"Good morning, people! It's wake up time. Don't forget to pray before you go to work, ok. Love you!," read the post's caption.

In the clip, she recited the Our Father, with the guidance of her dad Dr. Hayden Kho. She even added her own little prayer at the end saying, "Thank you, God!"

Good morning, people! It's wake up time. Don't forget to pray before you go to work, ok. Love you!

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Though she's probably too young to fully grasp the true meaning of the prayer, it's so refreshing to see her learning to have faith just as much as she is excelling at reading and learning how to spell.

Our little angel @scarletsnowbelo is fast asleep . Sweet dreams everyone

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Teaching your child the importance of faith at a young age

Faith, at its most basic interpretation, is trusting something or someone that is not seen. It doesn't matter what religion or belief you hold dearly, raising kids who are in touch with some form of faith will help them greatly as they grow up.

Life will not be easy and so teaching them to keep hoping and believing is a way of equipping them to cope with life's challenges.

You can start by praying together before bed or after waking. Each meal can be preceded by a prayer of thanks. Eventually, kids can lead the prayers themselves. You can also impart stories of faith to your kids, alternating with their usual favorite fairy tales.

There are many values that kids can learn by simply trusting and having faith. Aside from teaching them to pray, you can also teach them to express their faith in other ways, like helping out a local charity, or by sharing their blessings with less fortunate kids, just like Scarlet Snow did during the holidays!

Above all, teach them that in the darkest of times, it's important to remain grateful and hopeful.

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