12 Times Scarlet Snow Belo won our hearts on Instagram!

12 Times Scarlet Snow Belo won our hearts on Instagram!

With nearly 900,000 followers on Instagram, Scarlet Snow is on well her way to becoming the most followed celebritot! Here are some of her most adorable moments, so far!

Scarlet Snow Belo just turned two and there are a lot of awww-worthy moments to choose from when we think of Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho's baby girl, so we've narrowed it down to our seven favorite Instagram moments from the past year!

1.When she baked her own birthday cake to "thank her mommy and daddy for loving her"

2. When she learned how to run thanks to her ninang Anne Curtis!

3. When she had her first Valentine's day date with her daddy Hayden!

4. When she channeled her inner beauty queen during the Miss Universe pageant!

5. When she found a new BFF, Marian and Dingdong Dantes' baby Zia!

Gong Xi, Gong Xi! Happy Chinese new year, people! #ScarletSnowXLetizia #MyLittleSister #ChineseDolls

A post shared by Scarlet Snow Belo (@scarletsnowbelo) on

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6. When she was all-smiles on her first day of school!

Off to school, people. It's my first day and I'm so excited to meet new friends and learn new things!

A post shared by Scarlet Snow Belo (@scarletsnowbelo) on

7. When she shared her blessings with less fortunate kids during the Holidays

We will all dream together and become extraordinary together. @rightstartph

A post shared by Scarlet Snow Belo (@scarletsnowbelo) on

8. When she taught us how to be a Parisienne!

9. When she spread magic dressed up Hogwarts student on Halloween! (She also donned Snow White and guardian angel costumes) We're guessing she's found a favorite holiday!

10. When she adorably fulfilled her flower girl duties during her ate Cristalle's dream wedding in Italy

11. When she showed off how her fruit-naming skills while snacking on one!

12. When she proved that she's such a seasoned jetsetter that even the Edinburgh castle didn't impress her!

Sorry dad. Not impressed. #ScarletSnowScotland

A post shared by Scarlet Snow Belo (@scarletsnowbelo) on

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