4 Young and inspiring Filipino SEA Games 2017 gold medalists

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Get to know some of the admirable young athletes who have made our country proud during the 2017 Southeast Asian Games in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

There’s no shortage of skilled and dedicated professional athletes in the Philippines, but what we always need more of is seeing them succeed and be honored by a global audience!

The 29th Southeast Asian games provided great opportunities for young, Filipino athletes to truly excel, snagging coveted Gold medals, in their chosen sports, inspiring kids to pursue their dreams of becoming an athlete.

Let’s get to know four who truly make us proud to be Filipino!

Kaitlin de Guzman, gymnast

17-year-old gymnast Kaitlin De Guzman is truly following in her former athlete’s mom Cintamoni de Guzman’s footsteps, who also won the SEA games gold medal for the uneven bars event back in 1995.

“I am so happy now that I won a gold medal representing the Philippines,” she told Rappler in an interview.

4 Young and inspiring Filipino SEA Games 2017 gold medalists

photo: Ako C Kim Facebook page

Reyland Capellan, gymnast

The 23-year-old veteran first claimed the gold medal for the men’s artistic all-around event at the 28th SEA Games, SPIN reported. Standing at 5″2, Capellan bested athletes from Malaysia and Thailand, who won the silver and bronze medals respectively.

“I’m so happy that I am able to contribute to the gold-medal production of the Philippines,” Capellan told Sun Star in an interview. “I was a little nervous at the start that’s why I lost my balance and had a bad landing. But it’s okay; at least I made up for that missed opportunity in the latter part of my routine.”

4 Young and inspiring Filipino SEA Games 2017 gold medalists

photo: Ako C Kim facebook page

Nikko Bryan Huelgas, triathlete

The 26-year-old athlete proved to be the fastest in the entire men’s triathlon division all when he won the gold medal in the men’s triathlon. In an interview with Asiatri.com, Huelgas shared what he learned from his coach during his rigorous training and preparation.

“Always be thankful to the Lord that we get to do what we love,” said Huelgas. “Also, he’s been incredibly committed in being present in most workouts. He has helped me reinvent myself on all three disciplines thru consistent reminder and correction. You cant buy commitment to people. Its pure passion.”

John Chicano also brought pride to the country when he finished second earning himself the silver medal!

4 Young and inspiring Filipino SEA Games 2017 gold medalists

photo: SG Sports TV facebook page

Kim Mangrobang, triathlete

The 25-year-old top triathlete, who won the silver medal at the last SEA games, truly shone during the women’s triathlon, being the fastest to complete the 1.5-km swim, a 40-km bike, and a 10-km run, clinching the gold medal! The silver medal went to fellow Filipino Claire Adorna, making Kim’s victory all the more sweeter!

“Gumawa kami ng strategy para ma-assure namin ang first and second, tapos sa run, bahala na,” she proudly shared in a Spin.ph interview.

Triathlon Triathlon Association of the Philippines secretary general Tom Carrasco heaped praise upon the young triathlete saying, “Kim is overpowering. Sobrang lakas, sobrang confident.”

4 Young and inspiring Filipino SEA Games 2017 gold medalists

photo: Kim Mangrobar facebook page

The 29th Southeast Asian games will conclude on August 31,2017. We can’t wait to see the Philippines’ final tally of medals.

Congratulations to all the dedicated athletes of the 29th SEA Games! Keep making our country proud!

lead photo: 2Ux Philippines facebook page

sources: Rappler, Spin, Sun Star, CNN

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