Secondhand smoke causes antisocial and aggressive behavior in kids

Secondhand smoke causes antisocial and aggressive behavior in kids

Kids exposed to secondhand smoke are more likely to engage in destructive behaviors, including theft, destruction of property, and dropping out of school.

Secondhand smoke isn’t just bad for your kids’ health. According to a recent study, exposure to household tobacco smoke in early childhood can also cause behavioral problems, The Mirror reports.

Researchers from the University of Montreal have found a link between exposure to antisocial behavior, which is “characterized by proactive intent to harm others, lack prosocial feelings, and violate social norms.” This can manifest in:

  • aggression
  • criminal offenses
  • theft
  • refusal to submit to authority
  • destruction of property
  • academic problems

Thus, children who are exposed to tobacco smoke at a young age are more likely to drop out of school.

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“Young children have little control over their exposure to household tobacco smoke, which is considered toxic to the brain at a time when its development is exponential,” Professor Linda Pagani explained in a media release.

Second- and third-hand smoke has already been linked to short- and long-term health problems, but this is the first time it has been linked to behavior.

“Now for the first time, we have compelling evidence which suggests other dangers to developing brain systems that govern behavioral decisions, social and emotional life, and cognitive functioning,” Pagani added.

When the brain is exposed to toxic tobacco smoke while it is still developing, it can result in abnormal brain development.

If someone in your home still smokes, please urge them to quit. Here are some other ways that secondhand smoke affects your children’s health, from Healthy Children.


Babies have a higher risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) if they are exposed to tobacco smoke.

2. Higher risk of health problems

Children exposed to secondhand smoke have more ear infections, coughs and colds, respiratory problems, and tooth decay. They also have a harder time getting recovering from these illnesses.

3. Miss more school days

Because these children are more sick, they often miss more of school.

secondhand smoke kids

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4. Aggravates asthma

Secondhand smoke can cause more asthma attacks and make them so severe that kids might need to be sent to the hospital.

5. More likely to smoke

Kids who grow up with parents who smoke are more likely to smoke themselves.

6. Serious health problems

Some health problems that kids exposed to secondhand smoke can have later in life are lung cancer, heart disease, and cataracts. Their lungs might also have not grown into their full potential.


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