Seven simple ways to show you care this month of love

Seven simple ways to show you care this month of love

Seven simple ways to show you care this month of love with SMART


February is the time to celebrate all kinds of love, and whether you’re “self-partnered,” spending it with someone special, or dedicating the season with family and friends, you can rely on mobile technology to help show your love in simple but meaningful ways. cr:


  1. Get creative with a heartwarming message.

Whether you already have something planned out or thinking of a last-minute, sweep-off-your-feet gift, there’s nothing like a simple message that comes from the heart to let someone know you really care. Amp it up with a photo that takes you back to a special moment – or something that makes you look forward to a shared goal.

Seven simple ways to show you care this month of love

Simply Love



  1. Beat the rush with a special flower or food delivery.

No time, no problem. Just go to any delivery app and search for that perfect flower arrangement or feast-for-two that fits your budget. It’s all about knowing your loved one’s favorites — flower, food or both—and you’re good to go.


Seven simple ways to show you care this month of love

Simply Order Flowers


  1. Purchase that special gift on your mobile phone.

If your language of love leans towards the generous kind, don’t let traffic stop you from getting the gift your special someone deserves. There’s a lot of shopping apps that lets you have your surprise delivered right where you want it, when you want it. All it takes is just a few taps on your smartphone.


  1. Rekindle friendships with an old photo.

Missing the good old days? Reach out to friends you haven’t seen for quite some time now and remind them of that fun trip you had a couple of years ago. These days, it’s just a matter of reposting a previous memory – and tagging everyone – to get you to talk about the next catch-up dinner or impromptu road trip.

Seven simple ways to show you care this month of love

Simply Special Memories

  1. Curate a special playlist dedicated to your loved one.

Music has a special ability to take us back to special moments in our life, so a thoughtfully-curated playlist on music streaming apps such as Spotify would be perfect to show you care. From hugot tunes to tracks that feed your indie obsession, you can easily put together titles that follow the plot line of your love life.


  1. Binge-watch your fave kilig shows on Netflix.

If you have your own soundtrack, your personal binge-watch selection can’t be far behind. Time to watch those series and movies that you never get the time to focus on.


  1. Share those cheesy moments when you post your Valentine stories.

You only get this one time in the entire year for that license to be cheesy, so make the most of your celebration by capturing and sharing these “love stories” on social media.


It doesn’t take a lot to make someone feel special. Powered by Smart LTE, the country’s undisputed fastest mobile network as certified by global internet testing leader Ookla, a few taps on your phone can go a long way in celebrating the month of love and making simple connections matter. Learn more at their website:


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