Sexy student-teacher role playing tips for couples

Sexy student-teacher role playing tips for couples

Does your husband have a secret Humbert Humbert side? Or have you ever wanted to punish your partner for being a naughty boy? Find out why student-teacher role play can be great for your marriage.

role play

You’ve been a very naughty boy.

A teacher-student relationship is one classic role play situation that never gets old and can energize a marriage. It’s something every couple can fall back on easily–you’ve both been students and you’ve both had teachers.

According to online research, 71% of female Internet users who are wives describe their sex life as traditional and 82% of these women are interested in something “kinkier”. This means that you’re not the only one who’s looking to spice up your sex life.

Why you should be a naughty student or horny instructor

Here are some reasons why you should consider spicing up your bed with a horny-teacher-and-naughty student scenario:

1. Builds trust between partners

When you assume roles and act it out with your partner, you essentially put yourself out there. You’re performing for an audience of one. You’re trusting your partner to make you feel good and vice versa, which requires not a little embarrassment and awkwardness.

2. All long-term, monogamous relationships need it

Experts all agree that the relationship that can benefit the most from any sexual role playing is the long-term, monogamous relationship.

“Adding role-playing to your sexual repertoire can not only heighten the arousal in your relationship, but it can also build trust and communication between you. The more you share about your fantasies and allow yourself to become vulnerable by playing out a scene, the more emotional depth and bonding you may experience,” says Dr. Kat Van Kirk, a clinical sexologist.

3. Gives you all the benefits of having more sex with different people without the cheating

When you role play more often with roles other than teacher and student, you’re essentially allowing your partner to have sex with a different version of you—almost a different person!

You also get to have sex with another persona of your partner. This can lessen the chances of cheating since every new role play is like a new partner.

4. Gives you a deeper level of intimacy

Sometimes, you can admit things better after a role playing session. Both of you would undoubtedly talk about what you liked and disliked about it. This gives you and your partner a chance to get your true feelings out.

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role play

I’d like to discuss my recent grade, sir.

So how do you go about role playing as teacher and student? Where do you start? How far should you go? Here are some tips to get your started:

1. Fill out a checklist and talk about what you want

If you’re going to put yourself out there, then you better go all the way and get the most out of it. Fill out these sexual checklists (and feel like Anastasia Steele) and show your partner what you’re interested in doing and what you actually don’t want.

Send your checklist to your partner’s email and then talk about your answers in bed. You can treat this as foreplay.

2. Go shopping

No role play can be complete without costumes! This is the easy, fun part of setting it up. Let your partner know what kind of outfit you want him to wear. He should do the same too.

Once you’ve got your sexy outfits lined up, go on a shopping trip and make a date out of it! This can break the ice and loosen both of you up in preparation for your exciting date.

3. Figure out a scenario

This is where you have to get creative. There are a lot of possible situations that you can use; it doesn’t have to be a classroom setting.

You could be having your teacher over for a tutorial session or you may be your teacher’s office to discuss a bad grade. You can even flash your professor in class!

4. Designate a safe word

At least 50 Shades of Gray got something right. A safe word is necessary for telling your partner when you’re at your limit. It could also be a signal that it’s time to change track since it isn’t arousing anymore.

This way, you can both play coy or say “Stop!” and “No!” all you want and still get sexually satisfied.

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role play

So that’s how it is, you little minx.

5. You can start simply

While acquiring costumes and setting up a location are good, you can also try it just in bed. Jump to the role play just as he’s penetrating you and act as if the teacher and student are already having sex.

This can help you move towards the full teacher-student role play production later on.

6. Stick to it for 15 minutes

Sex experts say that if something isn’t working after you’ve tried it for fifteen minutes, it may not work at all. A small chuckle or giggle or awkwardness is all right, but if things don’t feel great after the allotted time period, switch tactics.

7. Approach it as an experiment

Instead of being too focused on performing, focus on trying new things. The sexual performance comes naturally. What the role play is supposed to do is make you more vulnerable and put you both in a situation where you have to trust each other more.

The keys to great teacher-student role play, or any other scenario you can think of, is communication and trust. Now is the time to try something new or to experiment. Don’t be afraid to fail at first since there are a lot of other scenarios to try.

Have you tried teacher-student role play with your partner? What other tips or resources can you share to help other married couples? Leave a comment and let’s talk about it!


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