5 Skills that all new parents need to learn

5 Skills that all new parents need to learn

These 5 things are all important life skills that new parents need to learn so that they can be ready to be the best parents that they can be!

Being a new parent is fun, but it's definitely not easy. And just like any other big transition in life, there are certain skills that new parents need to learn in order to be able to best take care of their child.

Here are 5 of those important skills:

1. Learn how to hold your child

Of course, as new parents, it's very important that you know how to hold and carry your newborn child. It's not as hard as you might think, and always remember that you need to support your baby's neck and head, while supporting your baby's body.

Carrying a baby is natural, and it's best not to try and overthink it. It's something that you'll get used to as a parent.

2. Learn how to breastfeed or bottle feed your baby

A great idea for expectant moms and dads would be to go to breastfeeding classes wherein an expert can provide you with good advice on how to breastfeed, how to bottle feed, and almost everything that has to do with breastfeeding.

However, breastfeeding is one of those things that you really have to experience before you get the hang of it, so don't be afraid to make mistakes during your first time breastfeeding. For dads, make sure to be supportive and help out your wives so that they can breastfeed with ease.

3. How to put your baby to sleep

Putting your baby to sleep is perhaps the important skill for a new parent to learn, not just because sleep is important for your baby, but also so you can get some rest yourself!

A good idea would be to work as a team with your wife when it comes to feeding and putting the baby to sleep. You can do it in shifts, dad puts the baby to sleep while mom rests, and afterwards dad can go to sleep while mom takes care of the baby.

Swaddling is also important since it can really help you when it comes to putting your baby to sleep.

4. How to bathe and keep your baby clean

Keeping your baby clean is very important. One main thing to remember is that if your newborn's umbilical cord is still attached, make sure to avoid getting it wet, since that can cause infections. Sponge baths are pretty helpful since they can help keep your baby clean while preventing the umbilical cord from getting wet. You can use a cotton ball with some baby oil to wipe the area around your baby's umbilical cord in order to keep it clean.

Speaking of keeping your baby clean, this also means that you need to know how to change your baby's diapers. It's not that complicated, but some parents are put off because it's pretty gross if it's your first time. You'll get used to it eventually, and it'll be second nature to you.

5. Knowing your baby's wants and needs

This one's pretty important as well. You need to be aware of the signs that your baby is hungry, that they want to poop, if they're cranky, if they have a tummy ache etc. These are all things that you learn through experience, so you can't really prepare for it directly. However, being observant and paying attention to your baby are 2 things that you should always keep in mind.

Source: lifehacker.com

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