5 reasons why smoking during pregnancy is extremely dangerous

5 reasons why smoking during pregnancy is extremely dangerous

These 5 things will happen to your body and that of your baby if you continue smoking through your pregnancy.

It is no secret that smoking cigarettes is bad for your health. It damages your internal organs and wreaks havoc on your body, in general. During pregnancy, the negative effects of smoking continue.

Smoking During Pregnancy: Here’s What Happens To You And Your Baby

If you are a smoker and unable to let go of this habit in pregnancy, you not only put your own health but also that of your baby’s in grave danger. Here’s what happens when you smoke during pregnancy.

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Miscarriage and stillbirth

One of the most devastating things that may happen during your pregnancy is pregnancy loss, either through a miscarriage or stillbirth. If the pregnant woman continues to smoke, the possibility of either heightens because of the dangerous chemicals that are in cigarettes. Studies show that that risk of miscarriage increases with the amount smoked (1% increase in relative risk per cigarette smoked per day).  Meanwhile, smoking during pregnancy is also linked with a 47% increase in the odds of stillbirth.

Ectopic Pregnancy

An ectopic pregnancy is when the fertilized egg is stuck in the fallopian tubes and will not be able to develop. Nicotine in cigarettes can cause this, as they restrict contractions in the tubes for the egg to pass through.

Placenta Previa

In normal pregnancies, the placenta is usually on top of the womb, as it makes room for the cervix to be open for a proper delivery. Placenta previa is when the placenta is partially or fully covering the cervix opening, and smoking during pregnancy may lead to this.

Pre-term Birth

Smoking during pregnancy can trigger preterm birth. This not only means giving birth early, but having a host of other potential complications with the baby. This can manifest itself later in life, through cerebral palsy, or learning and behavioral problems or even disabilities.

Birth Defects

These are the physical manifestations of what cigarette smoking can do. A cleft lip or palate or even heart problems may be caused if there is a continuation of smoking through pregnancy.

Read more on the dangers of smoking here and if you still are, it may be time to quit.


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