Soap Pregnancy Test: What Is It & Does It Really Work?

Soap Pregnancy Test: What Is It & Does It Really Work?

While some rush to the pharmacy or the gynae to find out if they are having a baby, others around the world rely on a homemade pregnancy test with soap. But does it really work?

We are all familiar with the pregnancy test kit, but around the world, there are many other alternative methods to confirm your pregnancy including the homemade pregnancy test with soap. So, instead of rushing to the pharmacy, you may consider reaching into your kitchen to check your results. Using just a simple bar of soap or liquid soap you can determine your pregnancy results. 

Homemade pregnancy test with soap: Procedure

Many online websites have different methods for the soap pregnancy test. The most popular one is to take a small amount of soap and pour your urine on it. Another method is to pour liquid soap and put it in a mug, and use a cup to urinate into. Mix the two together. 

If the mixture produces froth or foam, you are pregnant. Essentially, home-made tests look for the same hormone produced when you are pregnant. Known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG, the hormone is found in pregnant women's urine samples. In home-made methods such as this, they use household items to measure the HCG rate. Soap, salt and toothpaste react with the HCG to produce certain reactions. So in the case of soap, when the mixture foams it means there is a presence of HCG in the urine sample.

Benefits and dangers

The biggest benefit of the homemade tests is that it definitely saves you the rush and the possible embarrassment of you buying the pregnancy test kit. It is also convenient, all you have to do is to reach into your kitchen cabinets.  

However, the soap pregnancy test might not be at all accurate. For instance, homemade tests like this, work only after three weeks of having sex and not before. While according to National Health Service in the UK, pregnancy strips produce results as early as four to five days before your period is due. 

It is important to note that there is also not much of scientific data to back any of the homemade pregnancy tests, most of them remain an urban myth. It might be tempting to just rely on these methods, for convenience sake. Our advice, however, is to definitely check out pregnancy test kits. Perhaps as an additional confirmation, you may use the soap pregnancy test. 

Republished with permission from: theAsianparent Singapore

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