Is it safe to have softdrinks and coffee during pregnancy?

Is it safe to have softdrinks and coffee during pregnancy?

Should moms-to-be avoid drinking soda, caffeinated, or fizzy drinks for the entire nine months of pregnancy? Learn more, below.

Who doesn’t need a cup of coffee or a sip of soda to perk up once in a while? Though many studies have tried to discourage us from drinking too much fizzy drinks, we sometimes just can’t help it. We crave the taste of it just as much as we look forward to the energy boost it gives us.

But once you get pregnant, you know that you cannot just drink whatever you fancy. You need to make sure what you consume will add to the health of your growing baby. No longer are your drinks and meals focused on yourself. Drinking for two means eating more thoughtfully.

Is it safe to have fizzy drinks during pregnancy?

Not exactly. They are fine, in moderation. Though the fizz in soda in itself is not harmful, there are other ingredients in softdrinks that have no nutritional value for you or your baby.

Caffeine, for starters, has been found to have the ability to cross the placental barrier. In small doses, there’s nothing to worry about, but an overconsumption of caffeine could affect blood flow, decreasing supply to your growing baby.

As for artificial flavoring and sweeteners, they are not beneficial and only add empty calories to your body.

soda causes heart failure

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Is it safe to have coffee during pregnancy?

Yes, but again in small amounts. A cup of instant coffee per day is fine, but it’s best to check the amount of caffeine in it. Also, take note of other foods and drinks that could unknowingly be adding to your caffeine consumption.

Though coffee can help boost energy and ease dizziness, it should not become a habit during pregnancy. Caffeine is a diuretic, meaning it causes the body to lose water and certain essential nutrients quickly. So make sure to limit consumption and to drink enough water daily.

What’s more, three cups of coffee or more has been known to elevate the risk of miscarriage.

What alternative drinks can give pregnant moms an energy boost?

“There’s no measurable risk to having an occasional soda,” Dr. David Elmer, an OB-Gyne tells Parents. It’s best to go for coffee and tea instead. “The best principle in a pregnancy is to do anything in moderation,” he adds.

You can opt for fresh fruit juice with no artificial sweeteners, coconut water, homemade vegetable juices, water with frozen fruits or milk-based drinks.

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