South Korea has an ingenious way of finding train seats for pregnant moms

South Korea has an ingenious way of finding train seats for pregnant moms

It's not easy for pregnant moms to ride the trains, especially if the train is packed and there's no place to sit down. South Korea has developed an interesting technology to address that issue.

The South Korean Transport Ministry in Busan has created an ingenious way of finding train seats for pregnant women. They created a device called beacon that can be detected by sensors that are located on the train.

ingenious way of finding train seats for pregnant womenOnce a mother that has the beacon is detected within 2 meters of a sensor, the sensor lights up to notify passengers that an expectant mother is looking for a seat.

The device makes it easier for expectant mothers to find seats while they're riding on the train. And as one passenger says, it can also help avoid potentially awkward situations.

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The Pink Light Campaign, as it's called, is an experiment to test the service on trains. It's also a part of the trend towards "The Internet of Things", wherein wireless connectivity is added to devices that aren't always associated with wireless connectivity.

Currently, the trial is limited to a few sections of Busan's transit system, but the South Korean Transport Ministry is also planning to extend the service to other modes of transportation such as buses, as well as other cities.

Here's a video of how the beacon works:

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