Stepfather drowning little girl in a hotel pool caught on CCTV footage

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He even dragged the little girl's hair and held her tiny body in such a position in the water that she was unable to breathe.

In the lottery that is life, some will be lucky, while others will simply lose. A three-year-old girl from Mexico was one of those who weren’t so fortunate.

When her mother remarried, the girl had acquired a stepfather from hell, who will eventually cause her demise.

It was even caught on a CCTV footage.

“Harrowing CCTV footage shows the killer, identified only as Jose David N., repeatedly tossing the child into the water,” said a Mirror report. “The little girl—who could not swim—is seen struggling to stay afloat as her stepfather stands by and watches.”

Stepfather Drowning Little Girl In A Hotel Pool Caught On CCTV Footage

According to reports, the family had been out on a vacation on August 12, 2015.

While the child’s mother was sleeping on their hotel room, the stepfather brought the girl with him to the public pool.

Other patrons of the hotel were present when the incident transpired, and they were seen scrambling out of the pool.

Stepfather Drowning Little Girl In A Hotel Pool Caught On CCTV Footage

Sadly, the tot drowned to death.

Even more upsetting is the fact that the stepfather pleaded surprise during a court hearing after he was told that his stepdaughter had drowned.

Thankfully there was a CCTV footage showing what had really occurred, and it was enough to have him convicted and jailed with no possibility of parole.

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