Stop your child from throwing tantrums before they even start!

Stop your child from throwing tantrums before they even start!

Is your child constantly crying and screaming? Read this to learn how to effectively stop tantrums before they even begin! Must read for Filipino parents.


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Stop your child from throwing tantrums before they even start!

Tired of your kid throwing a tantrum? We know how frustrating it may be when all you want is a relatively peaceful trip to the supermarket, but end up with your kid on the floor throwing a fit over not getting their cereal of choice. From one parent to another, it's a pain in the neck, but it's something we all have to deal with. Luck for you, we've come up with 4 simple tips that can help you shut down a tantrum. Read on and give them a try!

Warn at the first sign

Talk to your child once the whining begins. Explain that you do not appreciate their behavior and that there will be consequences if said behavior continues or escalates. Ask them to calm down, and upon doing so, talk to them to get to the bottom of their whining.

Ask questions

If your child begins crying, talk in a calm manner. Let your child tell you all about it in a "big boy/girl voice". Speak to your child but make sure they know that you cannot understand anything unless the tears stop.

Convey understanding

In order to encourage your child to stop crying, you must convey understanding. Begin by telling your child that you understand their frustration and sadness, however, there is no need to cry. Tell your child that you are ready to listen.

Provide explanations

Once your child relays what's bothering them, be gentle in responding with an explanation. If your child is crying because of  an expensive toy that you cannot buy, explain why. Your child will eventually understand the situation. You can even ask them to help you save money so you’ll be able to buy the toy somehow. However, there may be times when a parent has to pull out the big guns and tell a white lie, such as "I don't have money". Though not recommended, this happens.


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