Strange pregnancy cravings that have nothing to do with food

Strange pregnancy cravings that have nothing to do with food

Have you ever had a strange craving for unusual non-food substances and objects while pregnant? Find out what these odd cravings could mean

Are you craving the weirdest things now that you're pregnant? Though unusual, it turns out having strange pregnancy cravings is prevalent among moms-to-be around the world. Yes, many moms can relate to craving substances that have nothing to do with food.

Even celebrity moms apparently are not immune to craving the inedible! Singer Britney Spears reportedly craved dirt while pregnant. This might seem like the weirdest possible craving, but it's actually quite common, as far as odd cravings go.

Pica is a condition defined by the compulsion to consume substances that have little to no nutritional value. This attraction is usually triggered by the scent of these substances.

Other common strange pregnancy cravings are: coal, wet cement, mud, chalk, laundry soap, starch, paint, rubber, and matches.

Is craving inedible substances a sign of a deeper problem?

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Though the exact cause of these unusual cravings is yet to be determined, doctors believe it is linked to low vitamin levels and iron deficiency while pregnant.

But Judith Brown, author of What to Eat Before, During, and After Pregnancy, disagrees.

"People think their cravings are significant, but studies show no link between cravings and nutritional requirements," she tells Baby Center. "If people craved what the body needs, we would all eat more broccoli and less chocolate."

Continuing, she explains: "There's no scientific explanation for food cravings. There's no data saying that what a woman craves is related to something her body or her baby needs, and there's no data to support that typical pregnancy food cravings are harmful, either."

It goes without saying that indulging the aforementioned non-food cravings could be harmful to both you and your unborn child.

If you or anyone you know experiences this during pregnancy, do not worry. To put your mind at ease though, it would be best speak to your OB-Gynecologist, who can possibly recommend nutritious food with similar textures and smells that could help keep these cravings at bay.

Have you experienced any weird cravings while pregnant? Let us know in the comments below!

sources: Baby Center, American Pregnancy Association, Babble

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