Want to know how to remove stretch marks?

Want to know how to remove stretch marks?

What are stretch marks and what can be done to prevent it asks one mum...

What are stretch marks? What causes them? What can be done to prevent them? What medical treatments are available for stretch marks?

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Read these tips on how to remove stretch marks!

The following have been tried but so far there are no methods that have been proven effective on how to remove stretch marks. Usually associated with pregnancy, significant weight gain over a short period, intense physical activity and bodybuilding. These scars are due to the over stretching of the skin and disruption of the collagen fibres.

Dr Tay gives us three tips on how to remove stretch marks:

* Laser and RF treatment may help to stimulate the production of new collagen

* Topical retinoids

* Chemical peels

Answered by

Dr Andrew Tay,

Consultant Plastic Surgeon,

Pacific Healthcare Specialist Centre,

a member of Pacific Healthcare.

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