Here's why Subic should be your family's next #travelgoals

Here's why Subic should be your family's next #travelgoals

If you're looking for a great travel destination for the entire family, why not try going to a Subic vacation for an exciting and fun-filled summer?

It’s no secret that a lot of families look forward to their yearly summer vacations. For parents and kids, it’s a time to relax, unwind, and spend some time bonding with their families. And if you’re looking for a great destination this summer, why not try going on a Subic vacation with your family?

Why go on a Subic vacation?

Moms and dads might remember Subic as “the place to be” back when they were younger. After all, Subic had a lot of resorts and beaches, and its proximity to Manila made it really accessible. However, with time, other travel destinations started becoming more popular around the country.

Despite this, Subic never lost it’s charm and beauty. It still ranks among the top destinations in the country, and some new resorts have started to take root in the area. Another great thing about Subic is that compared to other resorts and beaches, it’s much more quiet and laid-back. This means that it’s perfect for families looking to have a relaxing vacation.

And with those things in mind, here are some of the great destinations that you can go to on your Subic vacation.

ACEA Subic Bay

subic vacation

ACEA Subic Bay is one of the best resorts that you can visit in Subic.

For those looking for a secluded beach in Subic, few resorts come close to ACEA Subic Bay. ACEA Subic Bay is located in a very accessible area, which makes traveling a breeze. Families can stay over the weekend without worrying too much about long trips that can sometimes make kids fussy and irritable.

According to Pamela Robinson, ACEA Subic Bay’s General Manager, “Subic has been one of the go-to vacation spots of many Filipino weekenders in the past years because of its accessibility and attractions. And for those who want a quiet, private beach holiday, ACEA Subic Bay promises a complete resort experience with a refreshing ambiance and impressive amenities that accommodate a variety of interests.” 

subic vacation

ACEA Subic Bay has its own exclusive beach that guests can enjoy.

ACEA also features spacious and fully furnished rooms, as well as amenities that are perfect for families. These include the following:

  • A play area with a ball pit and other attractions for kids.
  • A gym where guests can work out.
  • An exclusive beach with an amazing view.
  • Delicious international cuisine offered by the resort’s restaurant.
  • Various water sports and activities for all ages.
  • A relaxing pool for adults to wind down and enjoy themselves.
  • A children’s pool with slides, fountains, and many more fun activities for kids.
  • Family KTV room that guests can use.
  • Board games and puzzles that the entire family can enjoy.
subic vacation

ACEA Subic Bay has their own spacious play area that’s safe and perfect for kids.

ACEA Subic Bay is located along former Dungaree Beach, San Bernardino Road, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales, 2222 Subic. For more information, call (047) 252-2232, email [email protected], or visit

Zoobic Safari

Zoobic safari offers and up close view of animals which your kids will absolutely love.

For kids who absolutely adore animals, Zoobic Safari is the perfect destination! It’s a 25 hectare forest adventure park where kids and families can enjoy looking at animals and can even get to see them up close.

Zoobic Safare offers the only Tiger Safari in the Philippines, which makes it a very unique experience. It will definitely be a great addition to your family’s Subic vacation.

Here are some of their amenities:

  • Zoobic Park – an animal observation area and petting zoo
  • Forbidden Cave – a cave filled with stuffed animals and a hanging bridge
  • Savannah – a train ride where you can watch various farm and exotic animals around the “savannah”
  • Aetas trail – a realistic aeta village where you can watch an exciting tribal show
  • Tiger Safari – A safari where guests can get up close and personal with tigers
  • Croco Loco – an exciting tour of their crocodile enclosure
  • Serpentarium – a place where guests can watch and observe snakes and lizards
  • Tiger and Lion Close Encounter – a visit to the lions’ and tigers’ rest areas

Zoobic Safari is located at Group 1 Ilanin Forest, Forrest Adventure, Subic Bay Freeport Zone. You can contact them directly by calling (047) 252-2272 ; (02) 847-0413.

Inflatable Island

subic vacation

Inflatable Island Subic is perfect for families looking for a more exciting vacation.

For families looking for a more exciting adventure on their Subic vacation, a trip to Inflatable Island Subic should definitely be on your list. 

The Inflatable Island is perfect for families with older kids, since it requires them to be at least 3 feet in height. The depth of the water ranges anywhere from 4 feet to 20 feet, and all guests are required to wear life vests for their safety. There are also numerous lifeguards around the “islands” to make sure that everyone’s safe. A safety briefing is also conducted right before guests go in, for additional safety.

There are 2 main areas in Inflatable Island, with one for adults and the other one for kids. Walking around on an island is a very unique experience since it seems unstable, yet very slippery. We’re sure that kids will enjoy running around and going up and down the various obstacles around the course.

They also serve delicious food, and sell snacks, so guests can fuel up and get ready for more fun after eating.

They’re located at Subic Bay Waters, National Highway, Lower Kalaklan, Olongapo City, Zambales. You can contact them through their phone numbers: 0917 150 1103, 0917 835 2665 or by sending an email to [email protected]



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