5 super easy exercise tips for busy moms

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Here are 5 easy exercise tips that I do every day, or at least try to, and that give real results without taking up much time.

The image you see up here is me, first at 80 kg after my second baby was born, then at 54 kg last year, and now, finally, at 52 kg.

I was never one of those who took naturally to exercising, and ever since I became a parent, taking out time for exercising became even more difficult. While there was so much to do, office work, home chores, looking after the kids and their school projects, where was the time to dedicate specifically to exercise?

The one thing that helped me was my love for walking, which I try and never miss, no matter where I am. However, over time, I have learned that making exercise a part of your daily life is not just good for your body weight and overall health, but also very important for your family. When you are healthy and happy, you will be in the best shape to take care of those who mean so much to you.

5 exercises that won't take time, and you can do easily too! 

So here are 5 super easy exercise tips I will share with you, things that I do every day, or at least try to, and that give real results without taking up much time.

1. Planks

5 super easy exercise tips for busy moms

When I first started doing this, trust me, I would give up within 30 seconds. I couldn’t understand how some people did it so effortlessly, and that too for so long! Now, once my body has gotten used to the same, I do it for about 6 to 8 minutes, 2 minutes, then 30 seconds break, then repeat. I definitely do this set at least once a day, and more if possible.

2. Stepping On Stairs

5 super easy exercise tips for busy moms

If you don’t have a stepper at home, you can easily do this exercise in your building staircase. If possible, step over 2 stairs at a time, and 1 stair is fine too. Start with the right or left leg, go up and down the same steps 15 times, take a 20 second break. Repeat by starting with the other leg. Do a few times in the day if possible.

3. Skipping Rope

5 super easy exercise tips for busy moms

I have borrowed my daughter’s skipping rope for this and do about 100 to 150 jumps a day. I do get breathless very easily, so at first it was really really tough for me. I would still love to do more jumps, but as of now I am doing about 150 jumps.

4. Crunches

5 super easy exercise tips for busy moms

I am honestly really bad at these, but trust me, the more you practice, the more you can do it. All you have to do is lie down on your back on a yoga mat and try to reach for your knees at first. If you are able to touch your knees with your hands, great. If not possible, don’t give up. Reach till as much as you can.

5. Twists

5 super easy exercise tips for busy moms

This is something you can even do when you are standing in the kitchen while cooking. Stand straight, place arms on the waist and twist your upper body in a left and right motion, without moving your lower body. If you want, you can also bend down to touch your toes, get back up and repeat.

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