Kate Middleton is hiring new "super nanny" for Prince George and Princess Charlotte

Kate Middleton is hiring new "super nanny" for Prince George and Princess Charlotte

Royal parents Kate and William are reportedly hiring an ultra-qualified "super nanny" to care for Prince George and Princess Charlotte!

It’s never easy raising children — as they say, it takes a village to raise a child. And it looks like Prince William and Kate Middleton are seeking another pair of helping hands for their toddlers.

The royal parents have hired a “£250,000 super nanny” for their two tots, 3-year-old Prince George and 2-year-old Princess Charlotte, according to Netsmum. The new nanny, whose identity is still unknown, will work alongside their current nanny, Maria Borrallo.

Super nanny

With her arsenal of qualifications, the new super nanny is set to be a huge help for the royal parents. She speaks six languages fluently, and will use French and Spanish with little George and Charlotte.

She’s also reportedly a qualified child behavioural specialist, who can “help Kate and William deal with tantrums and other issues.”

Sounds like the superhero every mom needs when we can’t figure out why our kids are having a meltdown!

Kate Middleton is hiring new

Current nanny Maria Borrallo with Prince George. (Image Credit: Getty Images)

And like Borrallo, the new nanny is a graduate of Norland College, a famous school for English nannies. Norland is affectionately known as “Mary Poppins school,” thanks to the amazing training it offers on everything from pushing prams to warding off kidnappers.

Now that Prince George has left his terrible twos behind and will soon be starting school, mom Kate possibly feels that a little extra guidance is timely. Previously, the down-to-earth mom chose not to hire another nanny, in favor of being more hands-on with her tots.

Kate Middleton is hiring new

Image Credit: Getty Images

“William and Kate are not intending to hire a new nanny for their new baby,” royal commentator Victoria Murphy told ABC News following the birth of Princess Charlotte. “Instead, they’re going to have Maria take care of the two of them.”

“Obviously Kate’s going to be at home. She’s going to be a hands-on mom. She feels that she wants to spend those early years with her baby and that she doesn’t need another nanny.”

“That doesn’t rule out the possibility that in the long-term future they might choose another nanny… But for now they’ve very happy with Maria. And Kate’s very keen to be very hands on.”

Thus far, Kate herself has handled the ups and downs of motherhood with her trademark poise and calm. When Prince George threw a royal tantrum at a military show, for example, he quickly calmed down in his mom’s embrace.

Kate Middleton is hiring new

Image Credit: Getty Images

And when her mischievous tots reportedly skipped on the train of their aunt’s wedding dress, the hands-on mom had the situation well in hand. She was right there to deliver the required scolding before comforting little George.

Kate Middleton is hiring new

Image Credit: abc/MEGA, Camera Press/James Veysey

The new super nanny, however, may have her work cut out for her. Even as a newborn, dad Prince William described George as “a little bit of a rascal”! No more so than all tots, of course — his little one didn’t want very much sleep, which was “a little bit of a problem”.

Outside the public eye, the royal children have been said to “play in the mud, fall off ponies, and have screaming tantrums”. Sounds like any other rambunctious toddler we know!

Kate Middleton is hiring new

Image Credit: Jonathan Hayward/CP)

Which parent hasn’t wished for an extra helping hand with the kids growing up — and growing naughtier, it seems — day by day? Best of luck to Kate and William as they raise their lively tots!

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