Tagaytay itinerary: A fun weekend trip for your family!

Tagaytay itinerary: A fun weekend trip for your family!

Planning a weekend retreat or a quick overnight vacation? Here is the perfect Tagaytay itinerary for an ultimate bonding experience with your family.

If you’ve been wanting a short break with your family for the weekend then Tagaytay is just the place for you! Here you will find a 2-day and 1-night Tagaytay itinerary for your quick family retreat.

Getting to Tagaytay

Tagaytay is one of the most popular destinations for weekend getaways, especially since it’s more or less only 2 hours away from Metro Manila. It’s the perfect place to escape the busy city life and have a breath of fresh air with your loved ones.


You can commute to Tagaytay by either bus or van.

Vans are stationed at Starmall along EDSA and the fare costs Php 180 for each person. You can travel through vans as early as 10:00 am, but no later than around 7:00 pm.

You can also take the bus by getting to the following bus stations:

  • Uniwide Coastal Mall to Tagaytay Rotonda. (Php 80)
  • JAM Transit to Tagaytay, Balayan, BAtangas, Lemery near LRT Buendia Station. (Php 83)
  • Crow Transit, Erjohn & Almark and Genesis stations at Taft MRT station behind Sogo Hotel. (rate varies)
  • DLTB Bus Co. station is Malibay, Pasay along EDSA have buses going to Tagaytay. (Php 83)

When you arrive in Tagaytay, you will find available tricycles or jeepneys to take you to where you’re staying.


If you are opting to take your car, you may also drive all the way to Tagaytay for a more comfortable and convenient way to travel. There are two easy routes getting there.

You can take the route via SLEX Sta. Rosa Exit and drive straight to the Tagaytay Public Market. Another route you can follow is via the SLEX Greenfields Exit and pass through Pramana, Nuvali, Eton City and Paseo de Sta. Rosa leading up to Tagaytay City.

Expect traffic, especially during the weekends.

tagaytay itinerary

Have lots of fun with your kids in Tagaytay’s popular parks.


If you’re planning to stay overnight, there are a number of family-friendly hotels to choose from. There are a variety of places that offer different benefits and some at an affordable price for your entire family. Pick a place that’s convenient and comfortable so that you’re stress-free during your short vacation in Tagaytay.

  • Taal Vista Hotel (offers as low as approx. Php 5,600 for one night). This property is one of the first to pop up when you’re looking for the best place to stay since it is said to give you a guaranteed relaxing stay.
  • Hotel Kimberly (offers as low as approx. Php 4,700 for one night). This place is known to have a family-friendly environment with a petting zoo and a playground for your child to enjoy.
  • Hotel Monticello (offers as low as approx. Php 3,000 for one night). If you’re more worried about travel, this hotel is only a 3-minute drive to Sky Ranch and 18 minutes to Picnic Grove.
  • Nayomi Sanctuary Resort (offers as low as approx. Php 8,000 for one night). This is located around the area with a beautiful view of Taal Lake and lets you have an experience with glamping or “glamorous camping”.
  • AirBnB. You can always find a place to stay from this site that would be more suitable for you.
tagaytay itinerary

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Places to go and things to do

Picnic Grove

Picnic Grove offers relaxing and also exciting activities for you and your family. With an entrance fee of only Php 50 per person, you can have a comfortable picnic, fly kites, go horseback riding for Php 150-200 per hour, or even ride the zipline for around Php 300 (regular price for weekends and holidays). 

They also offer the Eco-trail where you can have a peaceful walk for 500 meters and be surrounded by nature.

Here you are sure to have valuable bonding time with your loved ones while getting to just sit back and relax.

Sky Ranch

This mini-amusement park is packed with exciting rides and a long list of attractions. It’s a place for both adults and children to enjoy from thrilling rides like roller coasters, to peaceful rides with a beautiful view on a ferris wheel and many more. Among all the rides, the zipline is one of the main highlights as it gives you an exhilarating fly over Taal Lake and Volcano.

The park’s entrance fee is worth Php 100 during weekends and holidays, but only Php 80 during weekdays, and free of charge for kids below 3 ft.

People’s Park in the Sky

Get to see Tagaytay from the skies by visiting People’s Park in the Sky. The park is located at the highest point in the city at the summit of Mt. Gonzales.

With an entrance fee of only Php 30, you get to experience a beautiful view of the entire city and Taal Lake and Taal Volcano. They also offer horseback riding for Php 150 per hour.

Taal Lake and Volcano

Your trip to Tagaytay is not complete without seeing Taal Volcano.

Hiking may sound like a tiring activity and it definitely will be, but the experience and the breathtaking view is all worth it. Getting there, you can rent a boat ranging from Php 1,500 to Php 2,000 to go to Taal Lake and get to the volcano. You can choose to hire a guide or rent a horse to climb up.

The entrance fee to hike Taal Volcano is Php 100 per person and Php 50 to the Red Lava.

Don’t miss the chance to experience firsthand one of the country’s most beautiful landmarks.


Going to Paradizoo is like a 2-in-1 package deal for it is both a zoo and a theme park. It’s open daily from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and with an entrance of Php 199 for adults, Php 149 for kids 3-4 ft high, and free of charge for children below 3 ft. There’s fun activities for all ages where you can interact and feed the farm animals and even have a full nature experience by visiting their flower and vegetable gardens.

Puzzle Mansion

This place holds the Guinness Book of World Records for the most number of jigsaw puzzles in the world! Take a tour around their collection and also get a chance to solve some of the puzzles with your kids. It’s a whole museum unlike any other. The entrance fee is Php 100 per person.

Sonya’s Garden

Have a peaceful day with your family at Sonya’s Garden. Take a break from all the walking and have a full body massage at their spa. They also have a bed and breakfast where you can stay in their cottages named after flowers and herbs.

The entrance to the garden is actually free! But the service rate for the cottages is Php 3,400 per person during the weekends and Php 3,740 per head at holidays or peak season. Children ages 4-7 are 50% off while 3 years old and below are free of charge.

Nuvali shopping malls

There are two ideal outlet mall best for shopping. You can choose to either visit Paseo Outlets or Ayala Malls Solenad. If you’re tired from searching for other places to go with a lot of time left, then you can go around to shop and dine around this eco-city development.


If you’re willing to drive more to have a taste of sun and sand, you can head to Nasugbu, Batangas. It will take around an hour to get to the beach from Tagaytay. You can play or walk along the beach with your family. There are a lot of beach resorts around the area that you can choose from.

Where to eat?

tagaytay itinerary

Don’t miss out on the best bulalo in Tagaytay’s Mahogany Market!

Are you a coffee lover? Bag of Beans offers good brews and comfy atmosphere. Your tummies will surely be content with their homey food choices and don’t forget to try out their sweet desserts.

The Mushroomburger may already be available in Metro Manila, but it wouldn’t hurt to try out the existing original branch that’s been standing since the 80’s. You can enjoy a meal fit for two people worth approximately Php 300.

If you’re looking for affordable places to eat that would still satisfy your family, you can go eat at AHY Foodhouse and try their homemade breakfast meals like their much loved tapsilog.

You can also try the acclaimed best bulalo in Tagaytay at Mahogany Market.

For a fancier affair, Antonio’s is the go-to place for foodies, too.

Tagaytay itinerary – 2 days and 1 night

If you’re wondering what you can do or where you should go, we provide you with a 2-day and 1-night itinerary for  some places you can visit in Tagaytay with your kids for a fun-filled vacation.

Tagaytay itinerary: Day 1

  • Check in at your hotel/AirBnB
  • People’s Park in the Sky (Php 30 per person)
  • Have lunch at Bag of Beans (budget: Php 200-1,ooo)
  • Go see Taal Lake (Php 1,500-2,000 for boat ride)
  • Sonya’s Garden (Free entrance fee)
  • Have dinner at Mushroomburger (approx. Php 300 for 2 people)

Tagaytay itinerary: Day 2

  • Have breakfast at AHY Foodhouse
  • Go to Picnic Grove (Php 50 per person)
  • Puzzle Mansion (Php 100 per person)
  • Have lunch at Mahogany Market (budget: Php 500)
  • Go to Sky Ranch (Php 100 per person during weekends and holidays and Php 50-500 for the rides)
  • Shop and dine at Nuvali malls

Total Budget: Php 9,000++

tagaytay itinerary

Your visit to Tagaytay would not be complete without going to Taal Lake.

Tagaytay travel tips

  • When staying at a hotel, make sure to book early so that you are ensured a room.
  • Sky Ranch has a food court for its visitors so you don’t have to go look for a restaurant outside of the amusement park.
  • Wear comfortable footwear for all the outdoor activities you have planned and all the walking that you’re going to do.
  • Do not hesitate to bring some snacks during your trip in case your child gets hungry in between walking or hiking.
  • If you’re on a budget, you don’t have to go to every place on the list. Skipping out one will already make your trip cheaper and give you plenty of more time to relax.
  • In Sky Ranch or Picnic Grove, don’t waste your time on lines and pick a variety of activities to do so that your time is well spent.

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