Tang Works uses Kids’ Ideas to Build Water Source for Community

Tang Works uses Kids’ Ideas to Build Water Source for Community

Kid-Powerment at Work

Kids nowadays can get information anytime, anywhere. With the proliferation of the Internet and YouTube videos, any info is just a click away. Any skill, hobby, or cause can be learned easily by kids today. 

Thanks to the power of technology and the innate goodness in kids, Tang believes that kids really can get things done. Tang knows that kids can accomplish big things if only they would be given the chance. Because of this, the brand launched a campaign meant to inspire kids to aspire for change because #KidsGetItDone. Tang wants to motivate kids by providing them with nutritious fruity goodness. As a result, driving them to make a change in the world and be the change they want to see.

This has led to the rise of chefs as young as 9 years old being able to create sumptuous dishes, hairdressers opening their own at 14 years of age, grade schoolers discovering a potential cure for diabetes, and elementary students coming up with a water filtration system to produce clean water. 

The light at the end of the tunnel

Last October 9, 2019, in Pampanga, the kids of Cauayan Elementary School from Sitio Pidpid in Pampanga along with the Tang Community turned over the very first Tang Water Storage and Filtration Station to Sitio Pidpid. This Water Storage and Filtration System were fueled and powered by none other than ideas from kids. 

The Tang Water Filtration Station will help at least 100 Aeta families who live in Sitio Pidpid finally have access to clean water without having to walk for miles and miles. For the longest time, these indigenous families’ only source of water is from a spring source, which can only be accessed by having to walk really far. No one should have to hike just to get access to clean water every day.

Kids' creativity for a better future

Tang came up with a design contest to give the kids of Cauayan Elementary School the power to raise 1 million glasses of drinking water through the Tang Water Filtration System. There were 100 students who came up with different designs for the water filtration system but it was Jethro M. Bajas who came up with the winning design. 

Jethro M. Bajas of Cauayan Elementary school’s design utilizes natured. He thought that a rain catcher would be perfect because rainwater can be collected and filtered. Should there be no rain, they can also get water from the creek to use for water consumption. Jethro believes that if there is no one who wants to help, he can help and so can their kids. Truly, these #KidsGetItDone.

Kids for Water

Tang Brand Manager Princess Landicho said, “An advocacy that has been very close to the heart of Mondelez Philippines, the makers of Tang, is helping care for the environment and helping provide basic nutrition needs. This is why Tang is very interested in hydration and making sure that communities have access to clean drinking water. This is how “Kids for Water” was born.” 

Landicho continues, “Through” Kids for Water,” Tang is very grateful to be given the chance to help communities in need and come up with a successful campaign with kids. Tang is always looking for opportunities to help and through the “Kids for Water” project. Through this, Tang and Jethro have been able to help provide clean, accessible, and reliable water to communities who do not have it.”

To know more on how you can support #KidsGetItDone, visit Tang’s Facebook page and share your own stories of how #KGID. You can share simple acts of KIDNESS (kindness in kids) and Tang will feature these unique stories one by one. Tandaan, kahit bata, may nagagawa because #KidsGetItDone

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