TAPfluencer Spotlight: 27 inspiring pinay moms na dapat mong makilala

TAPfluencer Spotlight: 27 inspiring pinay moms na dapat mong makilala

"How is it like to be a woman in 2020?"

Over the years, nag-iba na ang pananaw ng mga tao sa mga kababaihan. Maraming na ring napatunayan ang mga modern women sa iba't ibang larangan. Kaya naman ngayong Women's Day, ipagdiriwang natin ang mga strong and amazing moms!

TAPfluencer Women's Day

This Women's Day, kilalanin natin ang mga TAPfluencers o TheAsianParent influencers na ilan sa mga top mommy bloggers in the Philippines. Kanilang ibinabahagi ang mom journey nila sa atin halos araw-araw pero bukod dito, sila rin ay maituturing na mga strong women!

Bilang mga modern and empowered women, tinanong namin sila kung ano ang pakiramdam na maging babae sa kasalukuyang taon.

Nicole Macasaet (@mommy.nicole)

"I am proud to be a woman in 2020 because I am capable of making decisions without judgement. All women are powerful and I respect each individuality. You can choose to stay single or marry, be a working-mom or a stay-at-home-mom. Your life, your rules and that makes you powerful."


Kal Quijano (@prettycutequirky)

"I am proud to be a woman in 2020 because I get to lead the life that I choose, where I can be part of the work force, make a difference in the lives of others, but still get to spend time with and serve my loved ones."


Janelle Ferrer (@janellestrelon)

"I am proud to be a woman this 2020 because I can share the beauty and gift of motherhood. And even as a full time mom, I can still pursue my passion thru vlogging. We're lucky in this generation because every woman can use different platforms to share their thoughts, knowledge and skills to inspire, help others, and make a difference to make the world a better place for our children."


Ley Almeda (@mommyplannerley)

"I am proud to be a woman in 2020 because I have a voice and I have a choice. A voice that I can use to echo my principle and beliefs, to echo where I stand, and a voice to comfort others. A choice who made me who I am. A choice when to keep silent and when to fight. To be a career mom or to be a full time stay at home mom. 

Being a woman today means being able to value who you are and acknowledge your self worth. Thank you to the women in our past, we have this environment now because of the movements that they birthed. What I like the most is we can now empower not just ourself but even others."


Gellina Maala MD (@gelinamaala.md)

"I am proud to be a woman in 2020 because I am able to reach out to more people rearing up children to be at their optimum- physically, mentally and emotionally- through the vocation I chose. 

At first, I thought I was doing something I was not ready to do alone, that I was doing everything wrong. Then I told myself, I have to be a strong woman for my kids, just look at any challenge and give it a wink. Now, I am fortunate to be given the chance to share my knowledge and passion to every Filipino family. Believe me when I say, we women can achieve great things, beyond our expectations and capabilities."


Louise Antonette F. Santos (@mommypracticality)

"I am a proud woman in 2020 because I've already realized that I am ENOUGH. I've recognized that no matter how broken I was in the past, God planned and used my experiences to be able to tell a story that would inspire, empower, and encourage other women. I am a daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife, an aunt, and a mother who by God's grace have been fulfilling these roles with joy, no matter how hard they could be at times. I no longer feel the need to impress others nor always long to be credited for each achievement. I no longer look for validation from all my accomplishements and titles I earn along the way. I am not defined by what I have, who I am with nor what I have done. I am defined truly as a woman who is fearfully and wonderfully created by our Creator. This is why, I do all things with excellence not because I need people to see ME, but because I want people to see God working in my life as a woman. A woman who is filled with love, joy, faithfulness, resilience, courage, and grace."


Iam Serrano (@iamdelightfulhimig)

"I am proud to be a woman in 2020 because there is no limit to what I can accomplish. There are many platforms for us women to create the best version of ourselves. We are also given more and more opportunities to change the world- whether through our work, through social media, and through the homes that we build. I believe as a woman that the future can be better and that I have the ability to make it so."


Jill Tan (@thefoodscoutmom)

"I am proud to be a woman in 2020 because we live in a generation where women build other women. As a mom, I've witnessed, experienced and encountered many fellow moms with the purest hearts who are willing to go out of their way to just to help moms like me.

As an entrepreneur, I am inspired to see many successful women in the industry who live to support & empower one another. Indeed, we are in a generation where 'real queens fix each other's crowns.'"


Cham Magsaysay (@chammagsaysay)

"I am a proud woman of 2020 because as a first time mom I am blessed to be given the opportunity to lead the next generation of women starting with my daughter. As I strive to set a good example and teach various lessons to my child, I am also able to simultaneously share these same experiences to other women. 

In this day and age where social media has become a huge part in our daily lives you can share your thoughts, opinions and ideas with a single post which can impact, inspire and make a difference in other women’s lives."


Omni Larrosa (@omniandbryce)

"I am a proud woman in 2020 because I live in the day where every woman can be anything they want without the limitations of the society's status quo and stereotypes. I can choose not to be defined by what others dictate as I can be my best in the way I want to be."


Gracie Maulion (@tipidmommy)

"I am a proud woman in 2020 because women  today less likely feel alone. Today we can reach and impact many women not just through offline channels but as well as digital platforms. We now can share and get valuable information, inspiring  and uplifting stories, build and join digital tribes that connect women together despite the distance. Today we can now voice out our own unique testimonies that can also empower other women."


The Momma Club (@themommaclub)

"I am proud to be a woman in 2020 because we are at a time when women are judged less.  In 2020, more women can choose to lead, to head projects, to go after what we want- to soar high.  Women are also not expected to conform. We have freedom. We can step out of the stereotype box."


Gwen Serrano (@blissfulbloomingmom)

"I am proud to be a woman because I was created to have strength and gentleness in one package. Through gentleness, I can nurture my child, inspire my husband, care for my parents, motivate fellow women, show compassion towards those who need it.  Through strength, I can pursue my passion, support my husband, teach my child, speak up for the voiceless, empower the hopeless, and live my values."


Jessa Acosta (@jessaacosta)

"I am proud to be a woman in 2020 because in this generation, a woman can be limitless! Fight biases. Break stereotypes. Choose to marry or not, have children or none, wear short hair like I do -- and those do not define my femininity or my capability as a woman. My potentials are boundless and so are the opportunities of today's world that I choose to take advantage of to improve myself and to encourage others to do the same."


Joy Felizardo (@joyfelizardo)

"I’m proud to be a woman in 2020 for more than one reason, not only being revered for pushing out another life into this crazy world but having the strength and unlimited resources to help them grow into God’s amazing human.  With the multitasking super skill I was able to attract other women and men to be happy in whatever situation they are in through eating, travel-bonding and writing their hearts’ out, all while mothering.

A woman on her own is the epitome of ‘strong’ but surrounded by other women she is a ‘force’. In this era, it is a blessing to be part of group of women where we can foster empowering relationships with other women and knowing  they will always be there to support us."


Roma Avenido (@mhyian)

"I am proud to be a woman of 2020 because I‘m a woman with a greater sense of confidence. A woman with courage. A woman who can balance life, work and family. Indeed that the woman of today, is a woman of substance and importance. We have the ability to voice out and influence people, we are unique, we are different and that defines the beauty that comes from within."


Nadine Smith (@scenesfromnadine)

"I am proud to be a woman in 2020 because we are fearless and unapologetic about the life we choose to live. We know what we want and we relentlessly pursue our dreams. We own our bodies, our choices, and our future. We have a voice and we are not afraid to speak our minds and stand up for our beliefs and principles. We are not limited by stereotypes and other people's expectations. Our talents and ideas impact lives and even change the world. Today's woman knows that she has a place in society and a purpose to fulfill, and she excels in whatever field she chooses and whatever role she plays."


tapfluencer-womens-day Image from scenesfromnadine

Rachelle Carpio (@wondermomma.ig)

"I am a proud woman in 2020 who knows how to steer the ship in the direction I want to go. Growing up, I was told I can be anything I want to be. And this was what I’ve believed in.

In one of my previous job abroad, I was the only woman in the team doing a male-dominated role for 4 years.  When a production fix would mean pulling an all-nighter, they’ll be quick not to include me in the roster thinking it’s a man’s job. It was a struggle adjusting to this unfamiliar culture I’ve found myself in but I was able to rise above the stereotype and prove that a woman can do the job in the IT world.

Times have changed since then. More and more women are moving into occupations that were previously dominated by men. Women have become more visible than ever. Indeed, there is no greater time than now to be a woman."

tapfluencer-womens-day Image from wondermomma.ig

Ginger Arboleda (@gingerarboleda)

"I am proud to be a woman in 2020 because the world now recognizes our capabilities, our skills and talents. Women are no looked up to for different things — things that make positive changes and impacts society."

tapfluencer-womens-day Image from gingerarboleda

Sheena Sy-Gonzales (@sheenalovessunsets)

"I am proud to be a woman in 2020 because I live in a world and time where there are more opportunities than ever for women like me who want to pursue our dreams in both our careers and family life."


Shen Cala-or (@shensaddiction)

"I am a proud woman of 2020 because labels do not define me and my flaws don't either. Rather it's my resiliency does. Coming out strong amidst challenges,  smiling even while suffering. It's a woman's gift to feel everything and yet still function magnificently at everything she does. I am proud of this irony because it shows that my creator made us with everything He has. I am everything and I can be anything."


Dette M. Zulueta (@millennialmomsph)

"I am a proud woman in 2020 because I witness the huge impact women contributes to society. As a mom of two girls, I see the power of women to influence the future generations beginning with the way we rear our children. As a mom community founder, I see moms transform to be the better version of themselves as they become a woman for others who try to help fellow moms as they go through the motherhood journey. As a working mom, I see how women lead the industry and contribute unique, creative and effective ideas."


Janice Lizardo (@jan_lizardo)

"I am proud to be a woman in 2020 because I know that we women can do almost anything. We can even do things that only us women can do. I can say that we already have a voice that everyone can listen."


Momi Berlin (@momiberlin)

"We are proud to be a woman in 2020 because our storytelling has proven to have the power to bring influence and change to fellow moms. Through today's technology, we can create, collaborate, and communicate content virtually, and at the same time meet obligations at home."


Nikki Tiu (@askmewhats)

"I am proud to be a woman in 2020 because I can be who I am.  I can showcase my talent, my passion, my flaws and I can tell the world my thoughts without worrying about being judged as much as in the past."


Cheers to all the amazing moms out there! Happy Women's Day!


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