Teacher brutally beaten up in a jeepney by mother-daughter tandem

Teacher brutally beaten up in a jeepney by mother-daughter tandem

She just wanted to make it home after a long day.

It's bad enough that she had to brave rush hour after a long day at work but M.P. Reyes was not expecting the that she was going to be beaten up when she boarded a jeepney in Dasmariñas, Cavite.

In a post which she shared on facebook, she recounts the traumatic incident.

The jeep was packed and she barely had space on which to be comfortably seated.

Even when a few passengers got off at their respective stops, the woman in pink beside her (who was with her daughter) still did not move.

Why did she get beaten up?

So, she politely asked her to move a little bit so she'd have space to sit.

But the woman in pink fumed and yelled at her to 'wait'.

Reyes asked her to move a second time because she was going to fall off but then the daughter chimed in and screamed at her, calling her rude.

When she introduced herself as a teacher, they threw insults at her saying she looked like a hooker not a teacher.

She was shocked but managed to snap back that she wasn't talking to her.

It was then the mom egged her daughter on, pushing her to fight Reyes.

Passengers tried to intervene to stop the brewing spat.

The mother and daughter got up at the next stop but then they were all stunned when they stepped on Reyes' feet, then the daughter grabbed her by the hair while the mother dragged her down from the jeepney.

They then proceeded to take turns beating her even if she was on the ground already.

A barangay tanod soon broke up the commotion and took them to the nearest barangay hall.

It was a modus operandi

The mother then told the officials that Reyes had punched her in the face, even showing bruises which were suspected to be made using blush-on.

Reyes realized she had lost her wallet but she managed to hold on to her cellphone.

She suspects the mother and daughter purposely start fights to distract their victims enough so they can steal from them.

She urges the public to be vigilant and to always stay safe especially when commuting alone.

Parang may mga hawig nang pangyayari gaya nito, kung saan may dalawang babaeng mang-aaway taz sa rambol, mawawalan ng...

Posted by Mga Balitang Pinas on Monday, November 2, 2015

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