Dentist warns against dangers of performing oral sex while wearing braces

Dentist warns against dangers of performing oral sex while wearing braces

A dentist in Thailand took to Facebook to warn everyone about an unexpected sex injury

Moms and dads, sex is an important part of marriage as we all know. And while sometimes we might be tempted to explore unusual ways of amping up the pleasure, it’s good to make safe sex a priority (and we’re not just talking about birth control). To do this, you must be aware of how to make sex better as well as what to avoid. An often overlooked example of this are sex injuries, like a bruised cervix or even teeth braces injuries.

Dentist highlights rare dangers of teeth braces injuries during sex

In a video clip, which is currently going viral on social media, a Thai dentist named Dr. Pitipong Srichaiyoruk explains how one of his patients injured her boyfriend’s penis while giving him oral sex.

The post has been shared over 36,000 times since it was posted two weeks ago.

According to a report, the girl was giving her boyfriend oral sex when a part of his penile skin was clipped and cut by her braces’ wires.

The dentist also shared a photo of the unidentified couple’s bloodstained bed sheets after the unfortunate incident.

Dentist warns against dangers of performing oral sex while wearing braces

Image source: Thai Smile Dental Clinic

But this is not the only type of teeth braces injury that can happen during foreplay or sex.

“A small hole in a condom could occur without either party noticing, while brace brackets could tear delicate mouth tissues when kissing — exposing partners to HIV/AIDS risks,” says Dr. Nigel Carter of the British Dental Health Foundation.

Teeth braces injuries during sex: How can you keep this from happening?

teeth braces injuries

Teeth braces injuries are probably the last thing on your mind when getting intimate, but they CAN happen!

Though we rarely hear about teeth braces injuries during sex, as adult braces aren’t that common in other countries, it still pays to be extra careful.

In countries like Thailand, braces are viewed as cosmetic enhancements and even fashion accessories. So even adults over the age of 30 can be seen wearing them.

If you wear braces, make sure to be careful when performing oral sex with your partner. Do it gently and carefully. Make sure none of the skin or hair is caught in the metal brackets.

As the dentist above showed, when performing oral sex, try not to insert the penis into the side of the mouth if you are wearing braces. Why? It could easily get caught in the metal brackets this way.

You can also explore other ways to pleasure your partner — there are sex positions and techniques that are safe and comfortable for you and your partner.

Make sure these safeguards do not take away from your excitement and satisfaction in the bedroom!


Sources: Coconuts Bangkok, Oral Health Foundation

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