The gentleness test: Is this new baby dishwashing soap good enough?

The gentleness test: Is this new baby dishwashing soap good enough?

Moms have a never-ending list of things to do. There’s feeding your child, making sure he or she gets enough nutrition, and then there’s staying vigilant and keeping your little one safe from all forms of harm. It’s enough to drive a mom to distraction. As a mother, you always want to make sure that everything is safe – and most importantly, clean! Children’s immune systems are delicate, and their defenses are not yet fully developed. That is why you need to keep them safe from any form of infection. Thankfully, there are gentle products, such as this baby dishwashing soap, that help you do just that.

Moms go to great lengths in finding out about the latest products that were made for babies.  So you’ll be happy to know that there’s a new dishwashing liquid that promises to be safe and good for their little ones – Joy Baby Dishwashing Liquid. We’ve run it through a number of messy and demanding loads at home to see if its promises are true. 

We’ve known Joy Liquid Dishwashing soap as a pioneer in cleaning our messy and greasy plates and dishes. But, the new Joy Baby Dishwashing Liquid that is dedicated to the needs of our little ones have also the same effect when tried in washing those greasy kitchenware. That makes Joy as your partner in not only maintaining grease free kitchenware but also a squeaky clean tools for your little ones.

There are many ways on how to clean your child’s feeding bottles. As we test Joy Baby Dishwashing Liquid, allow us to provide you with a refresher course on dishwashing for babies. Below is an easy guide on how to have squeaky clean feeding bottles.

Step 1: Dismantle

Make sure that you have properly taken apart the baby bottles, caps, nipples, and valves. 

proper washing of baby bottles

Step 2: Rinse and Wash

Fill a clean bowl with lukewarm water and rinse the dismantled feeding bottles thoroughly. Take time to check them individually and remove any milk residue.

Always bear in mind that your sponge and brush must be different from the one that you use in cleaning other kitchenware. Keep a set that’s just for your baby’s things!

When it comes to dishwashing liquid, regular liquid dishwashing soap is not advised in cleaning your baby bottles. They may contain chemicals that are harmful for your baby. 

But what should you use? Pediatricians recommend Joy Baby Dishwashing Liquid.

The gentleness test: Is this new baby dishwashing soap good enough?

The new Joy Baby Dishwashing Liquid is specifically designed to clean your baby’s feeding bottles effectively and gently. Moreover, it goes beyond washing baby bottles and utensils, it can also be used in washing vegetables and fruits. While Joy Liquid has been dependable for its cleaning power, the new Joy Baby Dishwashing Liquid is effective at cleaning while being gentle. It has:

  • no harmful chemicals
  • no parabens
  • and no added dye 

how to wash fruits properly

With its gentle cleaning power, it is safe in cleaning your not just your child’s feeding bottles but it can also be used to wash your fruits and vegetables. You can trust that Joy Baby Dishwashing Liquid has a mild smell, and it is guaranteed to remove the smell of milk residue and the odor that is caused by harmful bacteria and germs. 

Step 3: Dry and Sterilize

dishwashing soap for baby bottles

After using Joy Baby Dishwashing Liquid, you must thoroughly wash and rinse your baby’s feeding bottles. Sterilize them and once done, dry them properly using a clean cloth or wipe that is used exclusively for your child’s feeding bottles. Store the clean bottles in an airtight container.

As a busy mom, keeping your baby’s feeding bottles clean is just one of the multitude of things that are always on your mind. Now Joy Baby Dishwashing Liquid is here to be your partner in getting that job done. For only P155.00 (495ml) and P112.00 (375ml), make sure to include Joy Baby Dishwashing Liquid in your grocery cart the next time you visit the supermarket!

Joy baby goes beyond washing baby bottles and utensils, it can also be used in washing vegetables and fruits.

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