7 Things that your kids should never do to their eyes

7 Things that your kids should never do to their eyes

Your child's vision is very important. Having good eyesight helps your child in school, and it's also a sign of their good health.

Since eyes are sensitive organs, caring for them is necessary to ensure that they don't get damaged. Here are some tips to teach your kids so that they can keep their eyes healthy.

1. Don't stare at a computer screen for too long

This would also include tablets, or smartphones. What happens when your child stares at a computer screen for too long is that the eyes get fatigued, and cause eye exhaustion. This can also lead to dry eyes, and sometimes headaches.

If your child is working on a project or an assignment, and needs to use the computer for a while, then make sure that they rest their eyes every hour to avoid fatigue.

2. Watching TV in a dimly lit room

As with computers, your child shouldn't watch tv for extended periods of time, especially in a dimly lit room. These can cause eye fatigue, since your child's eyes are working extra hard to watch the bright screen in a dark room.

They should also have at least a distance of 3 1/2 meters away from the TV screen whenever they're watching TV.

3. Rubbing their eyes

Admit it, you might also be guilty of this behavior back when you were younger! Eye rubbing might sometimes give your child relief, especially if their eyes are itching, but rubbing can cause inflammation, and can also cause their eyes to be infected by bacteria.

Always make sure that your child never rubs their eyes, and just for extra precaution, make sure that they always wash their hands.

4. Avoid playing with toys with sharp edges

Never let your child play with toys that have sharp edges, as they can not only accidentally hurt themselves, but they might also injure their eyes if the sharp edge accidentally hits them.

5. Sleeping in contact lenses

For older kids who use contact lenses instead of glasses, you should always make sure that they take out their contact lenses before falling asleep.

Wearing contact lenses while sleeping can cause damage to the cornea, and cause infections and corneal ulcers.

6. Not getting enough sleep

Sleep is very important for your child's development, and it's also necessary to help keep their eyes healthy!

Getting enough sleep helps rest their eyes, and prevents their eyes from getting too fatigued. Staying up late causes their eyes to get tired, and sometimes can even dry out their eyes.

7. Not eating a balanced diet

Nutrition is very important to your child's eyes. Their diet should have enough beta carotene or vitamin A, since that nutrient helps their eyes grow and develop.

Vitamin A comes from yellow or orange fruits and vegetables and should be a constant part of their diet.

Source: time.commomjunction.com

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