Things you shouldn't say to a pregnant woman

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Ever wished you had a snappy retort when somebody had just insulted you? Moms share the worst things people said to them during their pregnancy - and what they said (or wished they had) in return!

When a woman is going through a surge of hormones due to pregnancy, the last thing she'd like to hear is an insensitive comment (no matter how well-meant) directed at the way her body's changing. If you've been on the receiving end of a woman PMS-ing, then imagine the rage she'd like to direct at you when she's pregnant and the hormones have amped up exponentially.

We asked Filipino moms to list down the things you shouldn't say to a pregnant woman - and what to say back should you forget your manners. The claws are out!

Amanda Griffin-Jacob, mom of three, celebrity, co-author of Project Mom, founder of

"You look like you're wearing a fat suit.” I didn't say anything back. I was too taken aback [because] I always got, "Are you sure it's not twins? You're so big!”


Ami Evangelista Swanepoel, mom of two, founder of Roots of Health:

I got asked constantly if I was sure I wasn't having twins. Usually I just gritted my teeth and said, “Just one!" The worst was that two people asked me after I had given birth if I was sure there wasn't another baby still in there. And one of those people was my OB! Needless to say I never went back to her again.


Vivian Tan Uy, mom of one, co-founder of

"Uy, may baby bump ka na (sabay 5 weeks ka pa lang)." Answer (sa utak lamang): "May araw ka rin.”


Ana P. Santos, mom of one, writer,

One girl called me, "Taba!" instead of my name. I stared hard at her and said, “You will never get pregnant...ever." She was aghast and said I was mean. I said, "Really?! I'm the one who's mean?”


Joji Coloma, mom of two, head of sales:

“Ah, twins ba ‘yan?” Ugh.


Jesusa Corazon R. Tan-Amoguis, mom of one:

I am a thin person at nung buntis ako, never lumaki ang tiyan ko ng more than 40 cm. I kept getting the comment, "Ang liit ng tiyan mo. Sigurado kang nine months ka na? Kulang ka siguro sa vitamins?”


Kim Reyes-Palanca, mom of one, beauty editor:

"Ah lalaki talaga 'yan kasi iba talaga yung hitsura niyo ngayon. Mukha po kayong maga at pangit po ngayon ma’am." Yup. She literally said pangit to which I responded, “Wow, thank you. You made me feel so much better since I'm very tired and stressed today."


Tina Rodriguez, mom of three, 24 weeks pregnant, blogger behind

After looking at my face for a few seconds, [this person] said with a sarcastic tone: "Mukhang lalaki ang anak mo ngayon, ah!" I did not know what to say so I kept quiet but what I REALLY wanted to say, "Ibig sabihin niyo po ba pangit akong tingnan ngayon?!"


Kathryn Casanova-Presbitero, mom of two, architect:

"Babae 'yan! Babae 'yan! Babae 'yan!” Even after you've openly put it out there in the universe that you are strongly wishing for that much-coveted baby boy in the family…


Joanna Ledesma, mom of one, owner of Simonede Hydrated Snacks:

I was told, "Are you sure you're not having a baby boy? Because sa tingin ko lalaki talaga 'yan. Baka nagkamali doctor mo." And I said, "Lola, 101% sure babae po 'to." I wanted to shout at the old lady to get out of my face!



Fleur Rubio-Sombrero, mom of one, blogger behind

The worst that I got was "Ingatan mo sarili mo. Pagnawala yang bata, kasalanan mo yan.". I didn't say anything but I never spoke to that relative everrrrrrrrrrrrrr again!


Dazzle Ng Sy, mom of one, theAsianparent content strategist:

"Nagmamanas ka na.” I hated getting that!


Frances Amper Sales, mom of three, blogger behind

"Panget ka magbuntis."


So the next time you want to remark about a pregnant woman's looks and you get a snarky retort back, don't take it personally. It was just the hormones talking.


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