Tips for a happy marriage: What your sleeping position says about you

Tips for a happy marriage: What your sleeping position says about you

Check out these tips for a happy marriage! Find out how your couple sleeping position can tell you if you're in a happy marriage or not.

Did you know that your couple sleeping positions can tell a lot about the state of your relationship with your spouse?

While you’re sleeping, it is difficult to control or fake body language. This is the time when your defenses are down and you are at your most honest.

This suggests that how you sleep with your partner could indicate how your relationship really is.

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Learn about marriage sleep habits and what couple sleeping positions mean.

“Couples fall into habitual ways of sleeping together that suit their personalities and personal preferences,” relationship psychologist Corrine Sweet said in a statement. “These are negotiated at the outset, so if something changes in how they sleep together, this can reflect a change in their relationship and cause concern for the other partner.”

Resolve issues before bedtime

According to Sweet, “Individual psychological states also affect how we sleep and the couple sleeping positions we sleep in, so if we are stressed we may be irritable, and not want to snuggle up with our partner. Arguments often lead to sleeping wide apart, as people feel loathe to touch.”

This is why it is always best for couples to resolve arguments before going to bed and why going to bed angry is not always the best course of action.

10 couple sleeping positions that you should know

Here are 10 of the most common couple sleeping positions. See what they could indicate about the state of your marital relationship.

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Liberty: This is when a couple sleeps back to back without touching. Even though such a position might be thought of as cold and detached, it actually indicates a couple who are connected but independent individuals.

Cherish: Similar to Liberty except their backs are touching each other. This position indicates that the couple is comfortable, intimate and relaxed with each other.

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A great way to fall asleep – having a heart-to-heart talk with your significant other.

Pillow talk: The couple sleeps face to face — such closeness begets a desire for immediate intimacy plus conversations in bed.

Lovers’ knot: This position sees couples sleeping face to face with their legs intertwined for a few minutes before they separate to sleep. According to relationship experts,  this position indicates a loving dependence between the couple, and signals intimacy, love and sexual activity.

spooning male 10 couple sleeping positions that tell the state of your marriage

Let your hubby spoon you up for a good night’s sleep!

Spooning (Male): Google defines spooning as lying “close together sideways and front to back with bent knees, so as to fit together like spoons.” The male spooning position is apparently more popular.

This position is said to reflect the traditional notion of the man’s protective nature. It is a sign of strong sexuality and security in the relationship.

Spooning (Female): The female spooning position is the opposite, with the female on the outside and the male being ‘spooned.’ This shows that the woman takes charge of the relationship and is the more protective one.

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A newlywed couple might find it hard to keep their hands off each other!

The Lovers: This couple sleeping position sees the legs of the couple intertwined all night. It demonstrates the need for constant touch and usually occurs in the first bloom of romance when couples cannot bear to be apart.

Romantic: This is when the woman lays her head and arm on the man’s chest while sleeping. This is the position of choice after sex for couples in a new relationship, and could also represent a rekindling of love and romance in the relationship.

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A superwoman demands her own space in the bedroom.

Superwoman: A strong position where the woman sleeps spread-eagled on the bed with the man curled up to the side or almost hanging off the bed. It suggests how the bedroom is the woman’s domain, and how her partner is cool with that and lets her have her space.

Superman: This couple sleeping position is the reverse of the Superwoman. Here, the man is king of the bedroom and the woman is happy to take her place on the sidelines of both the bedroom and relationship.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this article on couple sleeping positions. Let us know what your usual sleeping position with your spouse is by commenting below!

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