How to Avoid Giving Birth via Cesarean Section - Sensible Tips for Expectant Moms

How to Avoid Giving Birth via Cesarean Section - Sensible Tips for Expectant Moms

For pregnant mothers or those who plan to jump in the motherhood bandwagon soon, how can delivering a baby via cesarean section be avoided? Here are simple tips that could go a long way.

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Going under the knife for a C-section could have some repercussions.

The 9-month journey to bring a bundle of joy to the world brings unexplainable happiness but, more often than not, takes its toll on the mother when D-day finally arrives. Any woman in the throes of labor and birthing pains may encounter unforeseen circumstances, such as fetal distress and breech position, that may result in a delivery through cesarean section.

A C-section is when an incision is done on the lower abdomen to open up the uterus during birth. Aside from the fact that it’s more costly to give birth by cesarean section, both mother and baby face health risks in the long run. Babies born via C-section are more likely to become overweight or obese as adults, a recent study from the Imperial College London has found.

Meanwhile, according to an article on, mothers who have had a cesarean section and are on their next pregnancy are prone to: 1) placenta previa, or having the placenta planted low in the uterus and thus blocking the cervix; and 2) having the placenta grow deeper than usual into the uterine wall, which results in severe blood loss after childbirth that may even require a hysterectomy.

To lower your chances of having a C-section, follow these tips:

Maintain a healthy pregnancy

One of the best tips to skew away from having a cesarean section is simply to maintain a healthy pregnancy from day one. The constant reminders of the Ob-Gyn to eat nutritiously and take prenatal vitamins and supplements are not for naught. An expectant mother gaining too much weight, for instance, can increase the chances of a cesarean section. Remember that a healthy pregnancy means lesser complications.

Find a doctor that supports your cause

Even if you’ve set your mind to experience giving birth the way nature intended, things may go against your favor if your doctor thinks that a cesarean section is still your best bet. As early as the first few months of your pregnancy, enlist the support of your practitioner and make sure that you both agree on your planned delivery.

Choose a doctor and a hospital with a low C-section rate, advises Dr. Laura Markham in her website “Because it means your caregiver doesn’t default to caesareans,” she explains.

Get those muscles moving

Ditch the belief that expectant mothers should refrain from physical activity. Once you’ve cleared it with your doctor, go for simple exercises like brisk walking or yoga. Staying fit through pregnancy lowers the chances of having a cesarean section by preparing the pregnant body for the biggest workout that it’s about to go through on delivery day.


Setting your mind for a natural birth could help avoid a cesarean section. A sound mental readiness signals the rest of your body to go for the long haul of labor and the contractions, eventually leading to a normal delivery.

Some circumstances may still arise when you give birth, but preparing yourself is already a big step. However the delivery turns out, the health and well-being of both you and your baby should always come first.




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