'Dad stop beating me,' pleads toddler in viral video in China

'Dad stop beating me,' pleads toddler in viral video in China

Clad in just her panties, the tiny girl is punched over and over again by her enraged father.

Malaysians were horrified when a video of a terrified toddler screaming in pain as her father repeatedly beat her went viral on WhatsApp recently. But as it turns out, it was a video of a toddler beaten in China, not Malaysia, as originally thought. Still, it doesn't change the fact that an innocent child was beaten and strangled senseless by her own father.

Video of a Toddler Beaten in China

The video started with a toddler clad in only her panties, lying down on the bed with a man kneeling over her. As if knowing what was coming, the poor toddler can be seen crying with her legs and arms up in a protective manner. Her voice was hoarse, all the while crying "no.... no... no..." in Mandarin.

toddler beaten in china

Without heeding her pleads of mercy, the man, whose face cannot be seen in the video, began punching her. The punches were continuous and sickeningly loud on video as the helpless child begged for her father to stop beating her.

toddler beaten in china

Then He Strangled and Slapped Her

As if that wasn't enough, he then picked the toddler up, and flung her on the bed closer to the camera. He proceeded to strangle the crying toddler so hard until her head snapped back and forth.

toddler beaten in china

Even before she could recover from the assault, he continued with several more slaps to her face. In shock and pain, she finally recovered the strength to breathe. The video ended pitifully with him still beating her and her cowering and crying for the beatings to stop.

toddler beaten in china

Father and Toddler Went to Guangxi in Search of Ex-Wife

The video of the toddler beaten in China was taken sometime last week in the Guangxi. According to the local Chinese media, the 26-year-old man brought his daughter with him to look for his ex-wife in the city.

After a night out drinking, he returned to his hotel room and found his daughter crying. This prompted him to start beating her. In a fit of drunken rage, he recorded the abuse and sent the video to his ex-wife.

You can see the disturbing video of the toddler beaten in China here, but we warn you that this is extremely disturbing in nature.

Relieved that the man has been detained for abuse, we still can't help but feel sorry for his daughter.

Children Often Become Victims of Domestic Violence in Broken Marriages

It is sad, but it is true. Children always become victims for parents to vent out in anger and rage resulting from broken marriages. Sadly, domestic violence is an experience that usually leaves permanent scars that last for a lifetime. Yes, physical wounds heal with time. Even trust can be rebuilt with time. But when children are too young to understand what happened to them, they never really forget.

They may seem okay on the outside for now, but they suffer the effects of mental stress and trauma later on in life.

Everyone deserves a home that is safe and free from violence.


Source: The Star, Asia One

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