Toddler's near-fatal accident shows importance of childproofing drawers

Toddler's near-fatal accident shows importance of childproofing drawers

Startling CCTV footage shows a toddler in Thailand narrowly escaping potentially fatal injuries after a tall dresser collapses on him while playing.

More and more parents are becoming aware of the importance of childproofing the home. But sadly some kids still suffer injuries or even die after being crushed by falling dressers. But one toddler crushed by a chest of drawers in Thailand managed to survive.

How did the toddler crushed by a chest of drawers manage to escape unscathed?

In a startling CCTV clip, the unidentified boy can be seen playing with the drawers of a tall dresser. Another child about his age can be seen playing nearby.

The curious toddler opens and closes each of the four drawers. After he opens them again from top to bottom, he holds on to the second open drawer to prop himself up. This is when the dresser topples over, nearly crushing him.

toddler crushed by a chest of drawers

The CCTV footage, which shows a toddler crushed by a chest of drawers, was dated April 2, Monday, at 7 pm. | Screenshot: Yahoo News Australia

Thankfully, the toddler falls backward and does not appear to be hurt in any way. Moments later, a woman who is presumably his mom appears to check on him.

Though the family’s identity is unknown, the CCTV footage is going viral online. You can view it, here.

toddler crushed by a chest of drawers

Thankfully, the toddler survived! But this is not always the case… | Screenshot: Yahoo News Australia

Though this latest case of a toddler crushed by a chest of drawers did not end in tragedy, other children are not so lucky.

This is why it’s imperative that moms and dads remain vigilant about childproofing furniture in the home.

How can cases like the toddler crushed by a chest of drawers be prevented?

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s “Anchor It!” initiative, one child is injured by tipped over furniture or a falling television every 30 minutes.

More alarming still is that one child dies every two weeks after being crushed by furniture.

This, along with tragic cases in recent years, should be enough motivation for parents to childproof all furniture. As the CPSC urges, “Get on top of it before they do. The threat is serious, but the solution is simple.”

Here’s how you can do this.

1. Read the manual

Yes, it can be tedious. And you probably know how to assemble the piece of furniture already. But not going through the instruction manual can cause you to miss out on safety features.

Many products, in light of recent furniture-related injuries and death, are taking steps towards making their products safer.

2. Anchor top-heavy furniture

Following the tragic deaths of six children in north America, IKEA recalled 36 million chest and drawers. A spokesman for the furniture giant told Home and Decor SG that there was also a similar case in Singapore 10 years ago.

Because of this, IKEA Singapore has taken steps to educate the public about the importance of securing chests and cabinets. You can also purchase anti-tip kits online, or you can contact your furniture’s manufacturers about anti-tip devices — brackets, screws — available.

3. Put televisions in their proper place

Make sure televisions are placed on the proper furniture, like television stands and entertainment centres. Wall-mount flat screen televisions even if they are placed on furniture. If you have an older television set, make sure they are placed on low, stable furniture.

Anchoring the TV to the wall could truly keep your child safe. The television poses one of the greatest risks to children as they interact with it the most.

4. Don’t place ‘tempting’ objects on top of furniture

If you place toys, remote controls, or books on top of furniture, kids can defy just about anything to get to them. Make sure these things are within reach at all times.

You can place them in low, steady cubby drawers and soft cloth boxes. Not only does this assure safety, it can even promote your child’s organisation skills.

Remember that engaging your child’s love for play and nurturing their curiosity is important. But it should be done in a safe environment. Childproofing your home thoroughly is the best way to make it truly child friendly.


Sources: Yahoo News Australia, CNN, Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)

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