3 Common toddler mistakes that amazing dads avoid doing

3 Common toddler mistakes that amazing dads avoid doing

While all dads are unique in their own way, these are 3 things that all amazing dads never do! Read on to learn more.

Let's be honest, while it's true that dads are just as capable of taking care of their kids just like moms, some dads need a little bit of help when it comes to dealing with their toddlers.

So to help you out, here are 3 common toddler mistakes that amazing dads try to avoid doing!

They're too serious

Some dads, especially dads who work in a serious or corporate setting, can sometimes find it hard to let their hair down and act silly whenever with their kids.

However, it's important to remember that when it comes to your kids, being a happy and fun parent is much more important than being serious all the time. So it's best to try and be silly whenever you're playing with your kids, and don't act too serious whenever you're around them.

Not only is it a great way to be closer with your child, it's also a way for you to destress and get yourself relaxed and feel like a kid again. So don't be afraid of looking funny in front of your kids, they love that stuff!

Not enjoying the time they have with their kids

Other times, dads who are too caught up with work, or dads who take their work home, can feel that playing with and taking care of their kids can seem like too much of a chore.

Spending time with your kids and playing with them is very important in their development, as play not only helps develop their skills, but it's also a way for a dad to become closer with their children.

For dads who aren't keen on playing, there are a lot of other activities that they can do to spend time with their kids. Tell them bedtime stories, ask them about their day, or talk about how things were back when you were their age. Bonding with your kids is always a precious and special moment, so you need to make the most out of the time you have.

After all, they're only kids once, and if you don't spend enough time with them while they're kids, you'll regret it once they grow older and you can no longer spend any time with them at all.

Thinking that they're only second best

Most dads think that compared to moms, they're only second best. But in reality, kids love to spend time with their dads just as much as their moms!

When your kid is still pretty young, your wife might be their go-to person, especially since their mom breastfeeds them, and acts as their first caregiver. This might make dads feel that their kids love their moms more than them, but dads will be surprised that once their kids become toddlers, they'll be more excited to be with different people.

That's why when your child becomes a toddler, dads should take the opportunity to spend time with their kids, and truly get to know their child. Building a close relationship at a young age is critical for parents who want to maintain a good relationship with their kids. Create an environment of love, respect, and openness, and your child will be all the better for it!

Source: newparent.com

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