Toddler escapes a near fatal accident as twin comes to the rescue

Toddler escapes a near fatal accident as twin comes to the rescue

When the dresser falls on the toddler, he gets almost crushed. But then something astounding happens. See it to believe it.

The heart-stopping video of this incident went viral and for obvious reasons! In the video recorded by the Shoff family's home surveillance system, Brock Shoff was seen playing in his bedroom with his twin brother, Bowdy, when a large white dresser tipped over onto him.

Bowdy tries for close to two minutes to free his brother from under the furniture and finally succeeds in doing so. The boys' parents, Ricky and Kayli, posted the video to social media to highlight the importance of securing furniture to make homes childproof.

Watch the shocking video here:

“A lot of parents have probably made the same mistake that we made. They don't have their furniture secure or bolted to a wall. Our house is very childproof. We are really cautious about all this stuff, so it never really crossed our minds that something like this could happen," the father reportedly told a news channel.

According to another report, Kayli said that she and her husband were grateful that the two-year-old and his brother, Bowdy, were 'completely fine'. "We just love that Bowdy had the intuition to go and save his brother," Kayli said.

Continue reading for some essential tips on toddler - proofing your home!

With toddlers around, you can never be careful enough. While we go around covering that exposed power strip and mounting the TV, we tend to pay less attention to the child’s room. So have you baby-roofed your baby’s room? Walk through this checklist to see how safe your home is for your little wonder:

  1. Careful with that crib: Ensure that the slats of the crib are close enough so that the child's head can’t get stuck in them. Avoid cribs with decorative knobs or cutout designs which could lead to strangulation or other injuries.
  2. Avoid window panes with cords: Install only cordless window blinds in homes with young children. Else, tighten the knot to secure the cord stop away from the child’s reach. Also ensure that the baby’s play pen and crib are arranged in a manner that they don’t have easy access to the windows.
  3. Use plug protectors: Look around for unused electrical outlets and always put plug protectors to cover them. A curious toddler can wiggle his tiny finger through even the tiniest of cavities. So cover even the most unlikeliest of gaps.
  4. Secure furniture: Use braces to secure tall or heavy pieces of furniture, including the child’s dressers and toy cabinets. They may look stable, however with a determined toddler around, it’s a matter of time before it topples over onto your baby.
  5. Keep toiletries out of reach: Always remember to keep all the toiletries away from your child’s reach as ingesting cosmetics and personal-care products can be more dangerous than you might think.

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