Toddler Walks Herself to Nursery when she Couldn’t Wake Dead Mother

Toddler Walks Herself to Nursery when she Couldn’t Wake Dead Mother

An off-duty officer was driving with his wife when he spotted a little girl walking alone; the reason behind it broke his heart.

It is a heartbreaking sight seeing a child alone anywhere, even more so when you see a child, backpack slung across her tiny shoulder, walking herself to a nursery without the company of anyone.

This is what Burton-upon-Trent based officer in England witnessed with his very eyes. He was driving down the street with his wife when it happened. Puzzled, he stopped the car, approached the little girl, and after introducing himself and what he does, asked why she was walking alone.

The answer he got broke his heart.

She was trying to wake up her mother, the toddler told the officer. When her mother did not respond, the toddler decided to walk herself to the nursery.

Walking the short distance to the girl’s home, the officer discovered that the mother, 30-year-old Nicolla Rushton, had died. The cause of death were inconspicuous enough not to arouse suspicion.

The officer, whose name the task force chose not to disclose, stayed with the girl until help arrived.

“This is a brilliant piece of work by him that shows that we are never off-duty,” said Chief Inspector Maskrey. “The officer and his wife took the time to look after the little girl and stay with her until emergency services arrived … My thoughts are with the family and friends of the deceased at this difficult time.”

It is tough to raise children; we can imagine how much tougher it is to raise children alone. The case of Nicolla Rushton’s is not an isolated one, with so many single parents out there.

In the event that something bad happens to us, how do we ensure that our children are looked after?

We suggest that, among other things, we set a routine for us and our family; find quality child care from a qualified caregiver; and lean on others for help, even for small matters like carpooling and fixing meals.

The latest reports on this story claims that the little girl is now in the custody of her relatives.

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