6 Sweet ways your toddler says 'I love you'

6 Sweet ways your toddler says 'I love you'

Do you know about toddler's love languages? Find out how your little one says they love you even before they can form full sentences

Parents know the wondrous feeling of watching their little ones grow. As they enter their toddler years, their personality starts to take shape. Every little gesture and word means so much to moms and dads. But did you know they also develop non-verbal ways of communicating their thoughts and feelings? When it comes to showing their love, there is what experts call toddler’s love languages.

Here are six sweet examples!

Asking you to stay a bit longer

They distract you with cuddles and kisses just to keep you from leaving the house. For toddlers, wanting you by their side is a way of showing affection.

Making a mess at mealtime!

It may not seem like it, but playing with their food and sharing it with you is a way to express their love. For toddlers, mealtimes are fun opportunities to experiment. They also find joy in discovering new tastes. So the fact that they want to feed you, even if they make a mess doing it, is a way they say ‘I love you and I want to share this with you.’

Asking you to ‘play chase’ with them

Running away and asking you to catch them is a way for them to enjoy their independence while seeking reassurance that you are still close by to guide them.

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Sharing things with you

Since they’re only learning how to share, it can prove challenging for toddlers. But when it comes to their parents, who they love, they do not hesitate to share–be it food or toys that they cherish.

Asking you to repeat routines with them

Certain rituals–bathing, reading books, playing games–give toddler’s a sense of security. Asking mommy and daddy to share this with them is another way toddlers say ‘I love you and I want to spend time with you.’

Bringing stuffed toys or dolls wherever they go

Needing to have a transitional object with them at all times gives toddlers comfort even when mommy or daddy is not around. Their love for a stuffed toy or doll is one way they show they love you even when you are far from them.

sources: 5LoveLanguages.com

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