Top 10 ways to make your baby laugh and smile

Top 10 ways to make your baby laugh and smile

Your baby's laugh and smile can bring light to your day! Learn the top 10 ways to get your baby laughing and smiling more than ever!

It's hard to name anything better than seeing a smile on your baby's face, or hearing your baby laugh. Their smile can light up a room, and they're laugh can bring endless joy to your day. So, why not do everything in your power to get them laughing and smiling more often?

Luckily, that's exactly what we aim to do today! We'll be looking at 10 of the best ways to get your baby smiling, and to get them laughing more than ever. Check out our list and let us know if you have your own unique way of bringing joy to your precious bundle of joy!

1. Blowing a raspberry

A raspberry has many other names, but in case you didn't know, it's when you place your lips on a baby's bellybutton and blow. It creates a silly noise that will surely get the giggling. Also, it creates a tickling sensation that is sure to get them uproariously laughing and smiling! You can also blow raspberries on the bottoms of their feet, since that too is a ticklish spot on a baby's body.

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2. Peekaboo

This is a classic go-to in terms of inducing a good laugh in a baby! It's simple, and really only requires a pleasant demeanor, light tone of voice, and two hands. However, you an also add variety to the game by hiding behind colorful objects instead to further stimulate the baby! Try using a colorful blanket or pillow or stuffed animal and see just how much you can get your baby laughing and smiling.


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3. Older children/siblings

Having your baby get a kick out of an older sibling or family member is a great source of joy. It means that they share a strong bond, and are fond of those who will always be part of their lives. Furthermore, babies tend to find the goofy behaviors and antics of their older siblings to be hysterical! It's a good way to strengthen the bond between your other kids, and it'll bring joy to the whole family. If you're baby is an only child, you can try to get other members of the family involved instead.


4. Goofy noises

Admittedly, even adults find goofy noises to be amusing sometimes. Try making some of your silliest sounds around your baby and see if they get a kick out of it! You might need to experiment, but unleashing your goofiest noises could be exactly what you need to put a smile on your babies face, or induce a good laughing session!

Top 10 Ways to Make Your Baby Laugh and Smile

5. Animals

Not of the stuffed variety. We mean the real deal. If you have a playful pet that's friendly and safe to bring around your baby, try letting the two play together! Baby's love fluffy things, and fluffy pets who are playful are even better! Watch the two form a bond with each other and watch just how much joy your baby exudes. Just make sure neither party gets a little too playful, since dogs and cats usually don't understand the playful limitations of a baby.


6. Silly faces

Making goofy faces is another classic way to bring out laughter and smiles in your baby. It's simple, good-natured fun. Plus, like peekaboo, it doesn't really require a whole lot to pull off. Try making some of your funniest faces and incorporate those silly noises for added fun! Let loose and make some funny faces to your baby if you really want them to chuckle.

Check out more fun ways to get your baby laughing and smiling more! Click next for more!

7. Playful biting

Playfully gnawing on your baby's body parts will surely get a good laugh or smile out of them. The tickling sensation of you pretend biting is a great way to play with your baby, and most find the act hilarious! Not only does it bring a smile to their face, but it's a great source of fun for them and for you!


8. Laughing with your baby

Everything is funnier when you're sharing a laugh with someone! That's why you should share a good laugh with your baby whenever you can. Whenever your baby laughs or smile, try your hardest to laugh with them. You probably won't even need to try, since most babies' laughs are hilarious to begin with. Strengthen your relationship with your babies by chuckling alongside them, and smiling whenever they smile.

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9. "Cat and mouse"

For babies who have already mastered the art of crawling, one great way to induce laughter is to play a chasing game like cat and mouse. Let your baby's motor rev and set them free, then playfully chase after them. It's a great way to play with your baby and will surely put a smile on their face. Not to mention that they'll be laughing hysterically.


10. Tickling

This strategy is one that works on just about everyone; not just babies! If you gently tickle you baby's belly, armpit, feet, etc. you're sure to bring out a god fit of laughter! Some babies are more ticklish than others, but it's worth experimenting with if you want to see your baby's beautiful smile, or hear their charming laugh!


This article was based on a list published by Pop Sugar

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