Top 20 crime-prone barangays in Quezon City (and how to stay safe)

Top 20 crime-prone barangays in Quezon City (and how to stay safe)

Do you reside in one of these areas? Then arm your family and household staff with these tips to stay as safe as possible.

According to DZMM Radyo Patrol reporter Dennis Datu, the Quezon City police released a list of top 20 crime-prone barangays in Quezon City.

The police assures citizens that it will increase its foot patrol, especially since the onset of the BER months means increased crime rates.

Here is the list of the top 20 crime-prone barangays in Quezon City:

  1. Socorro
  2. Batasan Hills
  3. Bahay Toro
  4. Bagong Pag-asa
  5. Greater Lagro
  6. Commonwealth
  7. Holy Spirit
  8. Novaliches Proper
  9. Old Balara
  10. Talipapa
  11. South Triangle
  12. North Fairview
  13. Kaligayahan
  14. Tandang Sora
  15. Pasong Tamo
  16. San Bartolome
  17. Gulod
  18. Kaunlaran
  19. Ramon Magsaysay
  20. Tatalon

Do you live in any of these places?

If you do, then how do you protect your family from common crimes such as robbery, hold up, and snatching?

Click Next to learn safety tips you must teach your kids and entire household now. 


When in public, limit your child’s use of smartphones and other gadgets, especially while walking which is when they can easily be snatched from him.

Safety is always a primary concern. So whether your kids are with you, your husband, or your household staff, it’s best to teach everyone to stay safe when out and about. Here’s how:

1.  Keep constant vigilance by looking out for suspicious people such as those who are unnecessarily close to you. But keep in mind, too, that inconspicuous snatchers can look as sweet as your grandparents do.

2.  Be aware of your belongings when in crowded areas. Keep all valuables such as smartphones, wallets, any flashy jewerly, and watches inside your bag.

3.  Avoid using smartphones and gadgets while walking in malls or on streets (you should really be focusing on passing vehicles, anyway) unless for emergency reasons. Kids especially shouldn’t walk around holding gadgets since it will be easy for snatchers to grab the device and run away.

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It’s best to leave valuables you don’t need at home instead of keeping them in your bag.

4.  Do not hang smartphones or gadgets on your neck. Anyone who attempts to steal these will tug on the chord, which may injure you either by causing you to fall or, worse, be strangled.

5.  Keep your bag in front of you at all times instead of behind you or at your side, where you are less likely to monitor snatchers reaching into the bag. Avoid holding your bag to the side of the road where small vehicles such as tricycles and motorcycles pass because it can easily be snatched by a motorist.

6.  While walking on streets, prepare money you need for commuting or buying so you won’t need to pull out your wallet in public.

7.  Avoid passing in dark, deserted places. If you must, travel in groups. There is safety in numbers.

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Teach kids to value their life above everything else; tell them to give their wallet or phone willingly if it means preserving their life.

8.  Small things matter. Keep a whistle or pen in your pocket as rescue and self-defense tools.

9.  If you’re in an unfortunate situation, don’t put up a fight. Your knee-jerk reaction might be to protect your valuables but if your assailant has a weapon, he might not hesitate to use it.

10.  In relation to #9, remind your family and household staff that their life is more important than their belongings. They should be ready to give up items to preserve their life.

11.  Share known modi operandi such as strangers requesting to borrow smartphones because of an emergency. Children should always ask the permission of their accompanying adult before handing over valuables or even providing personal information to strangers.

Are there any tips you want to add? Help others by commenting below.

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