What traits should you consider when choosing your child's ninongs and ninangs?

What traits should you consider when choosing your child's ninongs and ninangs?

When it comes to your child's godparents, there are a lot of things that you should consider aside from their capability to give your child gifts!

Choosing your child's godparents is a big responsibility. That's why you need to make sure that you choose ninongs and ninangs who won't just be there to give gifts, but to support your child as they're growing up.

It's an honor and a responsibility

Being a godparent is a very big deal. Godparents aren't there just to be guests for a baptism, but they play an important role in a child's development and well-being.

Godparents should be people who are close to your family, and people whom you can trust to be there for you and your child if anything should happen.

It's also a godparent's responsibility to act as a second parent to your child; teaching them right from wrong, and making sure that they grow up to be loving people.

Gifts aren't the deciding factor

Here in the Philippines, it's a common thing for parents to look for godparents who are rich, or influential. That way when their child grows up, they can hope to use the connections to help their child get a headstart in the 'real world.'

However, being a godparent goes more than just asking for favors and material things. Godparents should of course give gifts during special occasions, but they should also be an active presence in the child's life.

Godparents need to be close with your child, as well as your family. They should be people whom you're willing to trust with your family's life, and they need to be people who are dependable.

This is why being a ninong or a ninang isn't a favor you give to your best friend, or to a family friend that's rich. Parents need to think long and hard about why they're choosing that person as a godparent, and what that person's influence will be to their child.

Ninongs and ninangs can also be people you look up to; they could be a mentor, or someone who has helped you out when you were younger. Those are the types of people that you need to get as godparents. People who will have a positive influence on your child, and will also do everything that they can to fulfill their role as a godparent.

Source: reuters.com

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