Tipid Tips: Planning a first birthday party and baptism in one

Tipid Tips: Planning a first birthday party and baptism in one

Are you planning to have a joint celebration for your little one's first birthday and baptism? Here are some tips to maximize your budget!

More and more parents are opting to combine their kid’s first birthday party with their baptism. Having a joint celebration is a great way to save, but how can you stretch your pesos further? Here are a few simple tips!

Make the birthday party a baptism reception

The great thing about having a combined celebration is that the fun comes in two parts. While relatives and friends look forward to the christening at the church, the birthday party-slash-reception afterwards makes it even more exciting! For Catholic families, baptisms are typically held in a church, while Born-again Christians have a baby dedication ceremony that can be held anywhere, even the home.

Keep your decor simple

Choose one theme and stick to it. You don’t have to incorporate the baptism decor into your birthday party/reception’s theme. Go big, like balloons and streamers to fill up the space. Don’t spend too much on little details as they really add up and barely do anything to make the place more festive.

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Make it a ninong/ninang potluck!

If you choose to have the celebration at home, request your kid’s ninongs and ninangs to bring their own dishes as gifts to their inaanak instead of actual presents. Keep the celebration small and intimate, there’s no shame in that!

Head to divisoria for giveaways

You really need to spend on giveaways and even then, you don’t really need to break the bank! Quirky trinkets are all over divisoria, like candles, mini-flower pots with picture clips, ball jars that you can fill with sand and plants, bottles where you can slip in thank you messages written in scrolls, etc.

Get relatives to do coverage

You don’t have to enlist the help of a professional photographer to capture the special moments of your day, just assign a couple of willing, photo-savvy relatives to be your coverage team for the day!

We’d love to hear your tipid tips, moms and dads! Let us know in the comments below!

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