6 Unique birthday party ideas to make your kid's special day even more memorable!

6 Unique birthday party ideas to make your kid's special day even more memorable!

Tired of doing the same thing every year, except for the theme? These clever, creative ideas will truly make your kid's next birthday party one to remember!

Each year, many parents enjoy outdoing themselves when it comes to party planning. Lots of creativity and resourcefulness–not to mention, an excellent skill for budgeting–is really all you need to make your little one’s birthday truly memorable!

Here are some fun and unusual ideas you and your guests will surely enjoy!

Giant lawn games

Parlor games are fun all, but you can make a statement and supersize the fun with giant lawn games like larger than life board games and jenga!

For more details, contact Supersized Party Games at 0928-555-5920 or visit their official Facebook page.

6 Unique birthday party ideas to make your kid's special day even more memorable!

photo: Supersized PH Instagram

Disney Princesses

So you’ve finished your guest list and party planning. But there’s one more thing left to do: choosing between a clown or a mascot? If you’re looking for something new, why not invite a Disney princess to your kid’s shindig?

Get in touch with the colorful characters of Clowning Around Manila through 0917-842-4171 or [email protected] For more about their fabulous work, visit their official Facebook page.


For kids with the need for speed, what better way to have fun than racing in their very own backyard?

To know more about how you can have your very own racing party, visit Party Doll Manila’s website or visit their official Facebook page.

Mini-food trucks

Food trucks are all the rage, and they’re not just for grown-ups.

For more clever food truck concepts, visit Pop-up bar Manila’s official Facebook page.


Allow your little one to channel their inner Merida or Hawkeye by having bow-and-arrow area complete with legit-looking bulls eyes set up outdoors!

For more on this awesome Brave-themed party and other great concepts, visit event styling company Luxe Parties’ official Facebook page.

Creative cotton candy

Balloon-shaped animals are great, but don’t you think edible ones are even better?

Drool over Pouf Cotton Candy’s many sweet creations by visiting their official Facebook and Instagram page.

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