#TAPfluencer Spotlight: Twinning mother & daughter takes family bonding time to a whole new level

#TAPfluencer Spotlight: Twinning mother & daughter takes family bonding time to a whole new level

Mommy Iam and Himig shares how they create moments with twinning mother and daughter look! She also shares tips for busy moms like you!

When it comes to raising our kids, we want nothing more than the best for them. We go through lengths just to provide what they need. There’s no better example than one of our TAPfluencers whose twinning mother and daughter photos redefined the meaning of a mother and daughter’s bond.

Meet twinning mother and daughter Mommy Iam and her daughter Himig

For this super mom, she had the most brilliant idea of sharing with the world how she and her daughter make the most of their precious time. Mommy Iam is one of the first few mommy influencers to do the #twinning trend on Instagram that has gone viral. What’s so special about this is that she’s showing her audience a whole new different way of bonding with her daughter. On her Instagram account she posts her adventures with Himig, her daughter, in matching clothes which is a really refreshing sight to see and definitely worth adding on to your feed.


Image from iamdelightfulhimig

How It Started

During our exclusive interview with her, we got to ask her about what inspired her to start doing these cute posts of twinning mother and daughter poses of her and her daughter in front of the camera. 

She said that what started out as just a kid influencer account for Himig, is now an account with full of their memories as mother and daughter bonding together. 
“It just so happens na she does not like to pose without me in the photo… So when we started to post similar outfits, a lot got interested,” Mommy Iam said. 

After Mommy Iam and Himig’s post got a lot of attention, the mommy and daughter #twinning posts slowly became a trend among mothers on Instagram! 

She even shared how hard it was before to get matching clothes for her and Himig because there were rarely any brands doing it.

“Before, meron akong parang shop na binibilhan talaga ng outfits because it’s very rare na may twinning talaga. So i asked my good friend chichigirlscloset. [She said] ‘I’ll make a twinning outfit for you.’ it started out like that.”

Thankfully now, for moms who want to wear cute matchy dresses with their sons or daughters, there are brands in malls that customize mommy-and-me wear already. 


Image from iamdelightfulhimig

Mommy Iam’s Real Definition of Bonding

For our featured TAPfluencer, she has confirmed that she has definite plans of moving her blog forward. In fact, on her website she has already started to cater to moms who are seeking to have more special quality time with their kids! 

“You don’t have to do extravagant things to bond with your kids. I just wanted them [other parents] to enjoy the moment and feel the moment,” she advised parents.

What makes her more inspiring is that she gives a brand new perspective for moms and dads who want to create special moments for their kids. Going beyond what her Instagram account went viral for, she wanted to advocate for authentic quality time in raising loving and confident children.

3 Tips For The Busy Moms 

From a busy mom who juggles her career and being a mother, to our everyday moms like you who are working hard day by day, she emphasizes the importance of time management and prioritization.

Tip #1: Time Management

Just like you, she faces challenges too when it comes to finding time for everything she needs to do. She admits that time management is not as easy but she adds that it’s definitely not impossible.

“You know one day I just cried myself to sleep kasi I have lots of things to do and the house is so messy. I really have to prioritize i need to learn how to say no to some things and put into perspective what I really wanted to do.” 

Just like her, she wants other moms and dads to realize that sometimes, it’s okay to say no to other things. Which brings us to our next tip.


Image from iamdelightfulhimig

Tip #2: Set Your Priorities Straight

Being a mom, you might feel like you have to do everything. Let’s face the facts, you ARE a supermom but you are NOT a superhuman! You need to give yourself a good rest from time to time. 

Another important lesson is making your child understand what you are going through. It might surprise you how much understanding they have inside them!

Mommy Iam shares her experience with this during the times when she should need to do other things instead.

“So when I say ‘Himig I’m gonna do something,’ for example, ‘I’m gonna wash the dishes for ten minutes after this I gonna play with you for 15 minutes… and she really waits for me talaga.” 

Tip #3: It’s a teamwork between you and your hubby!

One last takeaway from Mommy Iam is that it’s always going to be a teamwork between you and your partner. She emphasizes that although we still practice gender roles, being there together for your kid contributes to a happy child growth.



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