Vanessa Matsunaga on parenting: "I really love being a mother"

Vanessa Matsunaga on parenting: "I really love being a mother"

The stunning Brazilian-Japanese model opens up about her awesome motherhood journey and how breastfeeding helped her lose the baby weight

Just five months after welcoming her first daughter with husband Jun Sunga, the Brazilian-Japanese model is getting back at work and back in shape. She credits breastfeeding as one of the things that helped hasten her weight loss.

Her daughter Isabella just turned five months old.

"It's so fast!" the new mom told PEP.

"Motherhood is wonderful. I really love being a mother," gushed the 27-year-old. "I wish I started early though. Motherhood is so awesome."

The Love of Isabella's life: her daddy. ❤️

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Aside from breastfeeding, she shared that the simple day-to-day duties that come with being a mom helped her lose weight.

"When you take care of your baby, you’re constantly moving and you don’t sleep much," she continued in an interview with PEP. "I think every thing contributes for you to just lose weight and be back to your sexy shape."

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Vanessa also offered words of encouragement to her fellow breastfeeding moms. "I know it’s really hard but it’s wonderful. It’s good for your babies."

She also shared that her favorite part of breastfeeding is being able to eat anything without gaining weight: "It’s the dream of every girl, I guess. Like no diet, you just go, ‘Yeah, bring it on!’"


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