Want to rekindle the spark in your marriage? Do this every day!

Want to rekindle the spark in your marriage? Do this every day!

This simple daily habit can help make navigating the rough patches of your journey as a couple easier

Do you still remember the promises you made on your wedding day? Whether or not you chose to stick to traditional vows or wrote more personalized ones, chances are the content of the words you spoke are similar. They’re most likely hinged on the promise to love, respect, and be faithful to one another no matter what life throws at you. Over the years, a marriage can be subjected to many trials; there will also be seasons when the romance that came so effortlessly in your early years, becomes much more difficult to achieve. When once your partner was the main characters of your story, they now often become supporting characters, as the pressures of life take its toll. What happened to the “spark” in your marriage?

You may feel that your relationship has become dull or boring, but does that mean the romance is gone?

“When we get married and especially after we have children, (priorities) reverse,” William J. Doherty, PhD writes in Science Daily. “Other things – the children, our work, our hobbies, even our religious involvement – become central and the marriage recedes to the background and only receives our attention when something is wrong.”

Simply shifting this mindset each day, re-elevating your husband or wife as a priority, can do wonders to bring back the spark in your marriage!

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The happiest couples renew their commitment each day

According to Dr. Doherty, the happiest couples renew their commitment each day. If you’re in a rut when it comes to romance, resolve to commit to prioritizing your better half over your career, hobbies, and even your kids. Why? Because loving and valuing your partner helps make you both better parents.

Based on all the couples he’s worked with throughout his career, Dr. Doherty notes that they all make these similar vows:

“We are unbreakable.”
“We will fight through all obstacles, together.”
“We will work together to fix what needs to be fixed.”
“Fighting is okay, just as long as it is done the right way.”
“Sex problems? We will work together to reignite the passion again.”
“We will embrace each other’s flaws without condition.”
“We will grow old together and care for one another until we die.”

What commitment can you make to your spouse today to rekindle the romance in your marriage? 

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