Wanted nanny: Maid steals almost 50K worth of gadgets

Wanted nanny: Maid steals almost 50K worth of gadgets

Facebook user Marie Andrea shares that she was asleep when her maid stole almost 50k worth of gadgets, money and locked her in the house.

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Nowadays, you can never be too safe with who you welcome into your home. While it isn't unusual for household help to have a smartphone, you should be weary if they have one too many. Such was the case of Facebook user Marie Andrea who's household help, Maribel Mag-aso, had an Acer laptop, an iPad mini and 5 mobile phones.

Marie Andrea shares that the presence of so many gadgets should have served as red flag for her, but she didn't think much of it until she was robbed of almost 50K worth of gadgets.

I can officially post and share this now for everybodys awareness.

Her name is Maribel Mag-aso of Davao City (as per her NBI clearance). I got her from an agency where I usually hire maids since 2012. I hired her last July 11, 2015 as an all around maid.

First day (Friday night): she talks a lot as in spontaneous, sharing all her past jobs/salary/employers. She even also shared that she's into gadgets, that she was able to save/raise fund and buy herself an Acer laptop when she was with her last employer in Rockwell. She even showed it to us plus an apple iPad in which she claims she got it from her Mother who has an American boyfriend and 5 random mobile phones which she claims all are working but she's only using 1 for personal use which is a low class one. (I did not know that it was my clue already and from there I should have been started to get nervous and think about her negatively)

Second and Third day: It was her usual household chore routine. My son and I were out over the weekend doing some errands and doing some quality time. She was left at home alone doing the chores. (During these days, maybe she was able to scout what's inside the house already).

Fourth day / her last day (the day she took all the gadgets): July 14, 2015, Monday morning. She texted me around quarter to five in the morning, asking what time will I be home because my son is already awake (find it weird since it's too early). I came home from work and saw her preparing breakfast while my son is playing with his iPad mini. I was able to feed my son before I took a shower and told them I am so sleepy that I could no longer be with them to drop my son to school (my son knows where his school is since it's only walking distance from home). She even replied to me, "sige po ate ako na po bahala matulog na kayo". I feel so drowsy and was able to sleep right away with my son beside me still playing with his iPad mini since it's too early to prepare for school. It was only 5:30am. I left my phone (S6 edge) under my pillow, plugged charging. I even did not notice they went to school already.

I woke up around 9 in the morning to go to the bathroom. I usually check on my phone first to know the time. As I put my hand under my pillow, my phone was not there. I immediately stood up and check everywhere in the room, phone was not there even the charger. I immediately went outside to check on her and she's not around (I even think maybe she doesn't know that she can go home and just be back at school by the time she needs to fetch my son). I noticed my son's iPad mini was no where to find as well. I checked on his cabinet only to find out it's gone as well and what was left was the rubber casing only of the iPad mini.

Then I started to get more nervous. I checked on the cabinet of the maid and not any single stuff of her was there. I tried to go outside to seek help but unfortunately she locked me inside my house (using the double lock). Then that's the time I started to cry and shaking, trying to think what to do next. I checked on my bag (which is always beside me whenever I sleep) to get my keys and only to figure out she took it as well (to make sure I won't be able to get out of my house). I checked on my purse she took my 500 cash as well (luckily I was not able to withdraw more the night before). She also stole a brand new Lenovo A6000 android phone.

I went in the window to seek help outside from my neighbors. Am glad a neighbor couple from the same apartment was there and I was telling them what happened to me while crying, I was able to get help immediately, they informed our landlady what happened and they got a duplicate and was able to unlock the door. (Thanks to them)

I immediately went to my son's school to check if he was there (I was really nervous and shaking while on my way). Good thing he was there and he was not hurt.

According to the post, Maricel allegedly stole almost 50K worth of gadgets which entail a Samsung s6 edge 32gb (gold), an Apple iPad mini 16gb (white), a Lenovo A6000-I and P500 cash. 

Marie Andrea has already filed a case, has undergone a preliminary hearing and is currently waiting for a copy of Warrant of Arrest. If found guilty, Maricel Mag-aso may be charged with Qualified Theft.

Click here to see Marie Andrea's original post.

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