WATCH: Dancing daddy Tirso Cruz III nails the Fetty Wap Challenge!

WATCH: Dancing daddy Tirso Cruz III nails the Fetty Wap Challenge!

Check out this adorable clip of daddy Pip dancing with his kids and nephew, Rodjun Cruz!

Whoever said that the older generation can’t keep up with the latest trends obviously hasn’t seen Tirso Cruz III’s moves!

In this adorable clip, which was taken during a family gathering, we see the dancing dad performing his heart out alongside his loved ones.

Starring in the video are his kids Teejay, Djanin and their relative Bethany. Joining Teejay in the front row were Tirso’s nephew Rodjun Cruz, who happens to be an excellent dancer. Beside him was his girlfriend of 10 years, Dianne Medina.

She also shared the video writing in the caption: “Sobrang galing mo Tito Pip!”

Since its posting, the video has received over 50,000 views.

Tirso even proudly reposted it with the caption: “Joined the Cruz kids as they were practicing [the Fetty Wap] dance after my son Bodie’s party last Friday.”

But, wait! His wife, Lyn, wasn’t about to let him have the spotlight to himself!

screengrab: Youtube

screengrab: Youtube

Midway through the dance number, she steps in and busts a move!

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